Awakening Desires: Erin's Fancy
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2005 - 3:57:00 AM

At twenty-five years old, Erin Connors still lives at home with her two older brothers. She’s a big girl, six feet tall with broad shoulders. She followed her older brothers and does the same work they do. She is simply one of the guys. Now all grown up, Erin is interested in sex and boys. She has needs and she’s determined to find somebody that will see her as more than a pal.

Abel Garrett grew up on the farm next to the Connors. He’s been a friend to both of Erin’s brothers for years, but that has never stopped her from fantasizing about him. He left home right after graduation and except for short yearly visits, he stayed away. His parents were murdered in a convenience store holdup, and that led to his career as a true crime author. He’s back in town now, bone tired and mentally drained from doing the research for his newest book.

Erin has needs that apparently nobody realizes because everybody sees her as a pal instead of a woman. Opting to try to find a solution for herself, she’s reading a woman’s magazine with an article describing sexual positions. When she finds out that Abel is back in town, she sees it as her chance to make her fantasies come true. Since she already has the key to his house, she lets herself in and then finds him sleeping naked in his childhood bed. Unable to resist, she undresses and climbs into bed beside him, reasoning that it would be easier if he just found her naked in his bed, and drifts off to sleep while waiting for Abel to wake up. When Abel wakes up, he thinks he is dreaming and has conjured up his dream woman. She has to be a dream to fit him so perfectly.

Realizing that his woman isn’t a dream at all, he wants to know how she got into his house and is about to demand answers when she says, "I’m glad you’re home, Abel." Not recognizing her, he has to ask her name and then is disappointed when he finds out she is his friend’s kid sister, which makes her off-limits. That doesn’t make any difference though, when she rocks against him, letting him know she wants him as desperately as he wants her.

ERIN’S FANCY makes you want to cheer tomboys everywhere! Not only are they strong enough to keep up with the boys, but in this case they are also bold enough to seduce them. This book has endearing characters as well as hot sex scenes, in addition to that it has a great storyline that pulls at your heartstrings. N.J. Walters has written a delightfully endearing story with ERIN’S FANCY. I adored all the characters and hopefully we’ll see a story for Erin’s brother, Jackson. He’s a bit rough around the edges and definitely a chauvinist, but there’s something undeniably sexy about him too! Watch for N. J. Walters next book CHRISTINA’S TAPESTRY due out from Ellora’s Cave on July 6

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