Ayden's Folly

Author: Alayne Warren

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Release Date: May 2004 - no longer available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Analise Turner-Jennings is turning forty-two today and the only thing she wants is to spend the night by herself.  She doesn't want any big birthday bash with people who aren't that close.  And after pulling the fool card that morning, she knows that she is going to end up the fool over something.  So when Ayden shows up on her doorstep, she couldn't resist exploring the sexy body of the man who was played for a fool also.

He was tricked...that is the only way Ayden Galvoni could have lost that bet.  Diesel played him for a fool and now he is stuck going to some old lady's house for her birthday and stripping. But Ayden is in for a big surprise when he finds out that Analise is no old lady, but one sensual woman whose entire body he wants to explore.  And when he gets done tripping over his own tongue, that is exactly what Analise lets him do.


AYDEN'S FOLLY was a funny, erotic story that shows us all that being a fool can happen easily and may not be such a bad thing after all.  The attraction that Analise and Ayden feel for each other is instant, and sparks an erotic flame that consumes the pages.  I sure hope that Ms. Warren lets Ayden and Analise dole out just punishment to Diesel for his meddling in a sequel even though it turned out wonderful for them. Hint, Hint!  This is the perfect summer story to help spark a flame to your summer reading.    

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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