Terms of Surrender

Author: Becky Barker

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: April 28, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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In a fit of temper Cassie Pallard walked away from the only man she’s ever truly loved.  During the time traveling with the rodeo circuit she’s discovered that while she is a successful barrel racer without Brody’s love she doesn’t feel complete.  Now two years later, she’s back and determined to do everything in her power to mend the rift and win Brody’s love again.

Brody Chambers was incredibly hurt by Cassie and his best friend Chuck’s betrayal.  The three of them had been a family until Chuck and Cassie left to join the rodeo circuit.  Brody remained on his ranch working the land and horses.  He’s not ready to forgive or forget Cassie for the heartache she caused him, but the simple fact that she’s standing there before him has his heart and mind at odds.


Cassie isn’t sure how Brody will respond to her reappearance at his Wyoming ranch.  She knows she hurt him terribly when she left but there are things he’s unaware of that she’d like to explain – only Brody doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say.  Cassie claims to have nowhere to go and just needs his help until she can get a job and support herself.  She even volunteers to pay for room and board by performing whatever chores need to be done around the ranch.  Brody doesn’t need help around the ranch, what he does need and wants is Cassie back in his bed - on his terms! 


Cassie isn’t opposed to making amends for hurting Brody and sex with him has certainly never been a hardship but she wants more of an emotional connection and it doesn’t appear that he’s ever going to trust her with his heart.  Cassie hopes that at some point she’ll be able to break through the stubborn wall he’s built around his heart but dare she stick around hoping for a miracle? 


Who hasn’t allowed emotions, pride or impulsive instincts to dictate their actions?  Cassie made the decision to leave Brody to pursue a career on the rodeo circuit but it’s a choice she regretted right from the start.  Brody’s a proud man and while he isn’t about to turn his back on Cassie, forgiving her isn’t something he’s ready to do either.  TERMS OF SURRENDER by Becky Barker is a fast paced story full of emotional turmoil, scorching sex, and situations that will pull at readers’ heartstrings.  Brody and Cassie are perfect together but they’ve made some mistakes that have lead to this point where it seems like scorching sex could be the only thing they have left they’re willing to share.   


TERMS OF SURRENDER does contain some light BDSM content which I found especially enticing because it depicts the trust level that Cassie has in Brody.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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