Blacktop Cowboys, Book 3 - Wrangled and Tangled
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 29, 2012 - 10:55:50 AM

It’s been eight long years since Janie Fitzhugh left Muddy Gap, Wyoming and her husband Abe.  Now she’s back and working at the Split Rock Ranch and Resort.  For Abe, who’s never stopped loving Janie, the close proximity is maddening.  She’s so close yet unattainable.  He knows he screwed up his chance with her before he’s determined to show her that he’s changed. Abe wants her back, and is willing to do whatever is necessary to prove it to her.  When a series of ‘accidents’ occur Abe steps in and brings Janie back to his home – exactly where he wants her.

Renner Jackson is the proud owner of Split Rock Ranch and Resort but in order to complete his vision he needed a little backing.  That’s why Tierney is nosing around in his affairs.  Her father is Renner’s backer and he’s sent her there to account for every penny Renner spends.  Renner’s definitely not happy having ‘daddy’s little girl’ underfoot and creeping into his every thought.  As much as he wants to despise her because of her father’s wealth he can’t help but be attracted to the woman.


Renner and Abe have gone head-to-head over everything – including Janie – and their protective instincts aren’t going to change anytime soon.  While Abe’s working hard to win Janie back and get to know her as the woman she’s become rather than the girl she once was, Renner is busy verbally battling with Tierney and preparing the resort to open.  What none of them want or need are the sudden misfortunes that are happening to Janie, but at the same time the ‘accidents’ provide the opportunity Abe needs to get closer to Janie and a gentle kick in the pants to Renner to really look at Tierney and see her for the desirable woman she is, rather than the pesky underling he’s been saddled with until his backer is satisfied with his investment.


Lorelei James’ BLACKTOP COWBOYS series has been a feast for the senses from the very beginning.  The characters are realistic, memorable and a joy to get to know.  I especially enjoy this series because it shows there’s so much more to the men and women who frequent the rodeo circuit than horses, belt buckles, and buckle bunnies.  With WRANGLED AND TANGLED readers get a good look at the lives of not just life on the rodeo but what it’s like back home – when the limelight of an arena packed with fans gives way to the reality of a working ranch and family.  After reading CORRALLED I was really looking forward to Janie and Abe’s story and this book certainly delivered in that aspect but what I hadn’t expected was the second romance between Tierney and Renner.  What really blows me away is the simple fact that Ms. James’ incorporated both romances in this book without the reader feeling slighted, instead there’s a sense of anticipation and expectation every time you turn a page. 


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