Sweet Temptation
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 16, 2010 - 11:15:42 AM

Ex-marine Marcus Braddock has no interest in a wafer thin woman, he wants a real woman – one who enjoys meals and possesses a generous nature.  Thankfully he’s found his ideal woman in his friend’s sister, Darcy.  All he has to do now is convince her that he genuinely finds everything about her desirable. 

With an entire family full of perfect bodies and gorgeous looks, Darcy Ferguson is all too aware of her imperfections.  After all, she has her mother’s constant verbal reminders of what ‘big girls’ should and shouldn’t do to reinforce her insecurities.   Her whole body zings at the mere sight of Marcus but he’d never be interested in someone like her – or would he?


Marcus may be gorgeous but he isn’t even remotely interested in Darcy’s Barbie look-alike sisters.  What he wants is a real woman – complete with curves and a warm personality and he’s decided Darcy is aptly able to deliver on all accounts.  Unfortunately he quickly realizes that her family doesn’t view her in the same light he does.  They consider her the dowdy one which pisses him off royally.  To make matters worse, he overhears Darcy’s mother’s comment to her regarding ‘big girls’ eating in public and is infuriated on her behalf.  Marcus fully intends to prove to Darcy that her family has unjustly brainwashed her into believing she’s unattractive… he can prove otherwise.  His seductive techniques are anything but subtle but in order to overcome her insecurities he’ll have to give her something else to think about than her own flawed body image.  Mutual satisfaction should do the trick.


Beauty is more than skin deep and Becca Dale proves that point with her story SWEET TEMPTATION.  Darcy’s family has done her a grave injustice by making her feel inferior because she’s not wafer thin, unfortunately that’s a problem all too common amongst society where we’re bombarded with the ‘ideal’ body type.  Marcus stole my heart with his refusal to buy into the ‘thinner is better’ idea and go after the woman he believes to possess a generous personality and passionate nature.  It won’t be easy for him to convince Darcy that his intentions are honest, but it will definitely be pleasurable for both of them.  One of things I loved about this book is the ending because Darcy finally stands up for herself – and you have to love a man who can convince you of your own worth in such a short period of time.


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