Unspoken Promises (A Western Escape)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 15, 2013 - 4:15:05 AM

Treynor Pandoah has had enough of Billie’s silent treatment.  He didn’t do anything to deserve her ire, yet she acts like he’s betrayed her in the worst way possible and won’t even listen to his explanation about the interaction she saw with Diane.  He’s let Billie stew in her ire for two months, it’s time to be a man and take action and if that means forcing the issue then so be it. 

Billie Jensen loves Treynor but she can’t forgive a man who’ll cheat on her – and certainly isn’t about to let him sweet talk his way back into her good graces.  Her father cheated on her mother and her mother’s forgiven him over and over, Billie doesn’t want to live with that sort of heartache.  It’s best to walk away while she can… but Treynor just isn’t taking the hint.


Living in a community as small as Freewill everyone is bound to know everyone else’s business and when there’s trouble with a couple then everyone takes sides.  It’s downright frustrating – especially considering Billie’s best friend, Jenna, considers him a liar and zealously makes it impossible for him to get anywhere near Billie.  He’s allowed this to continue for two whole weeks, but enough is enough.  Since Billie won’t listen to him voluntarily he’s going to force the issue.  The results will either be completely disastrous or put an end to Billie’s misconception once and for all. 


At a mere eighteen pages, UNSPOKEN PROMISES by Becca Dale is a fun romp full of hope, healing and even a little laughter.  Billie’s reaction to Treynor’s ‘cheating’ is understandable in light of her own father’s infidelity, but her childish refusal to talk to him only intensifies the entire situation.  It’s obvious this couple is very much in love – she wouldn’t be so angry if she didn’t love him right? – but Billie has some trust issues she’s going to have to overcome if there’s any hope of a future between them – and hopefully Treynor will prove to be the kind of man she needs. 


To celebrate the introduction of the WESTERN ESCAPE series UNSPOKEN PROMISES is free with any purchase from Becca Dale and Decadent Publishing.



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