A Tempting Engagement
By Teresa Henson
Feb 19, 2004 - 9:15:00 PM

Mitch Goodwin needed Emily Warner. Or rather, he and his son, Joshua, needed her services, as a nanny. She had been Joshua's nanny once before, until Mitch's wife had fired her. After his wife's death, he hired her back, only to have her run away two months later and disappear, seemingly off the face of the earth. He is shocked to hear that Emily is now working as a barmaid.

Emily had run away from Mitch, because she loved him and he didn't love or want her. When he woke up with her in his bed and rejected her, she had made a vow that she wouldn't ever put herself through that again. It didn't matter that he had accepted her comfort, until he passed out and couldn't remember what happened; much less made it worse by not being able to accept her explanation that nothing happened.


She is shocked to see him again, and even more stunned when he offers, even begs, her to come back to work as Joshua's nanny. Joshua has missed her and apparently has been looking for her everywhere-even running away when he thinks he sees her, scaring his father half to death. Against her better judgment, and after much persuasion, she finally agrees to go to work for him. Mitch didn?t fight fair; he brought in Joshua to help his case!


Emily had a bad childhood, and her adult life hadn't been much better. She recently lost her grandfather, and has no family of her own. Although, growing up she couldn't really say she had much of a family then either?she had been shuffled and passed around her entire life. After the loss of her grandfather, the ensuing battle over his will, and being a victim of a car-jacking, nearly proves to be her undoing. All she really wants is a secure family of her own; something she has given up on having. She has to settle for sharing one vicariously. When Mitch appears to have become attracted by her, she is glad, but wishes it was more than just sexual attraction. Should she take what she can get or should she get away while she can? But how can she bear to leave Joshua again, much less Mitch.


The longer I read A TEMPTING ENGAGEMENT, the more thrilled and involved I became with it. Emily had been through so much in her life, and was vulnerable and hurt, but with an inner strength she didn?t realize she had. Mitch was a strong, take charge man, with his own vulnerabilities and guilt to work through, yet, he manages to help Emily overcome her fears and low self esteem problems, while managing to work through his own problems. Emily finally recognizes that she has more strength of character than she first gave herself credit for, and I loved how she and Mitch managed to work their way through their many problems together. And lets not forget the hot sexual tension here-their love scenes were sizzling! This is the first book of Ms. Jameson's I have read, but it for darn sure won't be the last!

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