Beyond Control
By Sandra Tibbetts
Sep 30, 2004 - 10:59:00 AM

Kree O'Sullivan owns her own hair salon,

'Hair Today' , a Volkswagen she calls ' Pumpkin' for obvious reasons, and on this particular day, she has very colorful and bright hair. Tomorrow, who knows what color her young assistant might want to try out? She has worked very hard to keep her business from going belly-up. This is her independence, her dream job, but it has stopped being fun, now she has to worry about money more than creativity, fun, and people. The last thing she needs is for the executor of the building she rents to show up and demand her apartment that she was going to sublet to make some extra cash. But what he gives in return will surprise even the usually unflappable Kree.

Sebastian Sinclair at first glance is terrific eye candy, who appears slightly dangerous and intense. He makes her forget all her problems until she realizes he is her biggest problem! After all, how many gorgeous men driving black Jaguars are single fathers of a teenage daughter, and a number cruncher! How boring! NOT.

Sebastian is completely bewildered to discover he is so attracted to this woman who wears t-shirts with outrageous sayings, a different color hair almost every day, and a body he would love to sample - often. But, he has an impressionable fourteen-year-old daughter living with him for the summer, since her irresponsible mother has once again disappointed her. He has to behave properly, and Kree is the type of woman he cannot become involved with. He must do everything to stay in control of his desires. Well, maybe a few simple kisses here and there wouldn' t be too bad or would they?

What follows is a very well written, sensuous, and humorous story of two people who need to look beyond their pasts to find what is right in front of their nose.

Kree, who appears at first to be carefree, and colorful is trying to prove to the town and herself that she has grown beyond her miserable childhood, but is finding it hard to convince herself that she is worthy of all the good things others take for granted.

Sebastian always needs to be in control of everything so he is never hurt again. This has made him somewhat rigid, and Kree tries to teach him how to lighten up and have fun. Underneath he is a cauldron of seething passion all aimed at lucky Kree. But, Kree will not allow anyone to control her. Where will this battle of wills end? Will hearts be broken?

BEYOND CONTROL is an absolute must read for anyone who loves humorous and sensuous stories that will have you laughing one minute and holding your breath the next. You experience all the characters emotions from humor to passion all within the pages of this extraordinary book. I highly recommend this book to all romance lovers.

Look for Ms. Bronwyn's   fourth book in DYNASTIES: THE ASHTONS - JUST A TASTE coming from Silhouette Desire in April 2005. Also coming in 2005 from this talented author is the PRINCES OF THE OUTBACK, the beginning of a three-book mini-series. 2005 looks like it is going to be one terrific year for old fans and new.

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