Canyon (A New Westmoreland Novel)

Author: Brenda Jackson

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: August 6, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Canyon Westmoreland has spent years regretting the misunderstandings that came between him and Keisha, but now that she’s back in town he’s determined to clear the air between them and maybe even rekindle their romance.  The one thing standing in his way is the lady herself who refuses to acknowledge him so he’s forced to resort to drastic measures – stalking – and the results are absolutely life changing.

Keisha Ashford has never forgotten nor forgiven Canyon for his betrayal.  Oh sure, he tried the old ‘it’s not how it appears’ explanation but she knows what she saw and nothing he says is going to convince her she was wrong.  What she doesn’t expect is for Canyon to be so persistent in talking to her that he follows her from work, right to the day care center where she’s picking up her son.  Keisha’s sadly mistaken if she thinks Canyon’s just going to walk away from her or his son.


Canyon is extremely close with his cousins and siblings since the deaths of their parents when he was just a teenager.  Family is extremely important to him so understandably he’s furious when he sees Keisha with a young child who resembles his older brother Dillon’s son, Denver, and realizes that he’s that little boy’s father and she never told him.  As angry as he is though, Canyon can’t deny that he’s still in love with Keisha or that he’s extremely concerned about who was in the dark vehicle he noticed following her earlier.  When they arrive at her house he knows his instinct about the other car was correct, her house has been broken into and trashed – someone is definitely after her.  The only upside to the whole situation is it gives him the perfect excuse to have Keisha and Beau move in with him until the perpetrator is caught – and if he’s lucky, Keisha will drop her antagonistic attitude and listen to what he has to say.


Brenda Jackson’s WESTMORELAND series is quite an extensive collection but don’t worry if you haven’t read any of the other titles, CANYON can easily stand alone.  There are references to couples from other titles but at no time did I feel lost in the storyline.  Canyon and Keisha obviously have history and trust issues that are going to be difficult to overcome, but the emotional connection between them is evident in their reactions to each other.  One of the things that really makes this story memorable is Canyon’s family.  They never take sides in the Canyon/Keisha split and don’t judge Keisha for not telling Canyon about Beau.  They accept her and Beau as if they’d always been a part of the family.  I loved the suspenseful element as we waited to learn who’s after Keisha and why and was genuinely stunned when the reason behind it all is revealed.  CANYON’s a wonderful feel good storyline that has me quite eager to read more of Ms. Jackson’s writing.


CANYON is the second title in the newest spin off series involving the Westmoreland’s.  Be sure to pick up copies of the other stories:

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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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