Stern (A New Westmoreland Novel)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 30, 2013 - 11:52:37 AM

Stern Westmoreland loves spending time with his best friend JoJo.  They’ve done everything together since their teenage years – including hunting.  He knows it’s unusual to have a best friend who’s the opposite sex but that’s just the way it is – and he’s completely comfortable with their relationship.  However, things are about to change in a big way because JoJo has her eye on some man and has requested Stern’s help in learning how best to snare his attention – and her interest in another man worries Stern because in his mind JoJo belongs to him, it doesn’t matter that they’ve never engaged in anything romantic.

Jovonnie ‘JoJo’ Jones is tomboy to the core.  She’s a skilled marksman, possesses a black belt in karate and shoots a bow and arrow with ease – she also owns her own body shop and thinks nothing of the grime associated with car repair.  The trouble for JoJo is that she’s never taken the time to learn how to be feminine.  She doesn’t dress up or wear makeup and has never been boy crazy.  She’s noticed that her feelings for Stern have changed though and rather than admit to loving him and risk losing him, she’s opting to substitute another man in his place.


Stern is stunned by JoJo’s question “What can a woman do to make a man want her?”        After all, she’s never shown any interest in getting involved with anyone before.  He’s not stupid; JoJo’s a beautiful woman, her lack of womanly clothing and make up just make it more difficult to see the diamond beneath the rough – but he has no doubt it’s there.   What he doesn’t expect is the surge of jealousy he experiences at the thought of her with another man – and he certainly never planned the kiss that would effectively alter how he feels about her forever.  Unfortunately JoJo’s inexperience leads her to believe that Stern is just being helpful and teaching her how to kiss properly.   What transpires is a lesson in frustration for both of them – along with an undeniably sweet yet hot journey into a romantic relationship.


If I wasn’t already in love with Brenda Jackson’s Westmoreland line of stories then STERN would have easily cemented my infatuation with this clan.  For starters, I absolutely adored JoJo.  She’s bold and daring yet is still vulnerable – and the fact that she possesses so many skills considered ‘manly’ just makes her even more interesting.  JoJo’s sudden transformation into a desirable woman is quite an eye opener for Stern and I really felt sorry for him since he seems to be torn between wanting her romantically and keeping their friendship from changing.  Once again Stern’s family proves to be supportive in every way and helps Stern get a different perspective on his relationship with JoJo.  They also help her bring out her inner diva with a makeover that will have men stopping to stare. 


STERN is the latest in a long line of WESTMORELAND stories so be sure to stop by Ms. Jackson’s website and grab yourself a copy of the printable booklist for this series.  Also be sure to keep an eye out for Aiden and Adrian’s stories in the near future.


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