My Favorite Mistake
By Brenda Edde
Jul 23, 2004 - 5:41:00 PM

Driving back into Lindbrook, Faith wonders why she couldn't tell Skye no.   She remembers driving away ten years ago, away from the small town that she felt was stifling her, running away to Los Angeles and from the love of her life, Patrick Flynn.  Memories of their last fight rush through her head when, after making love he had demanded that he marry her, not asked but demanded. The panic that had assailed her at the thought of being stuck in Lindbrook the rest of life had sent her fleeing with a boy in a rock band to LA.  So why was she here listening to Skye babble ninety miles per hour about how Faith had to help her save the bar.  Maybe it is the love she has for her sister that is the answer or is it the memory of Flynn and the love they once had shared.  Faith can only hope she will figure it out during the time it takes to get the bar back on its feet.

Patrick Flynn was not happy to see Faith in the office of "The Roof Rat." Seeing her brought back all the pain and anger that he thought he'd gotten over when she had walked out on him and his marriage proposal ten years ago.  Now here she was back again and he knew that she was still under his skin just like the heart tattoo he had never removed. The tattoo that had declared their commitment, the commitment that Faith hadn't shared or honored.  All he wants is for her to leave before he makes a fool of himself again.

MY FAVORITE MISTAKE is a wonderful story about the mistakes of youth, the challenges of maintaining family ties and the courage it takes to go back home again.  The relationship between Faith and Skye is filled with frustration, but has a bedrock of love that helps both sisters deal with each crisis that arises. Faith's battle to find the truth of what she really wants and needs in her life drives the story while making you think about the importance of being honest and true to yourself.  MY FAVORITE MISTAKE will have you laughing at the bar scenes, crying at the pain of difficult choices made while growing up and cheering when Faith, Skye and Flynn work through all the pain to find happiness.

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