Jealous Lover
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2009 - 8:24:48 PM

Crystal Moran’s engagement to Greek tycoon Demetrius Vartolas ended three years ago amongst his accusations of infidelity.  She’s spent the intervening years getting over the heartache.  She thought she’d been successful at exorcizing him from her heart but his appearance at the Margarita Andresen Foundation fundraiser proves that she’s still in love with him.  She’s as much in love with him now as she ever was, but there’s no way she’s going to put herself through the pain of trusting him with her heart again.  Not even for the sizeable donation he’s offering for her undivided attention while he’s in New York.

Demetrius Vartolas is a proud man who’s well aware he made a huge error when he accused Crystal of cheating on him three years ago.  His jealousy got the better of him and he spoke without thoroughly examining the evidence and lost the woman he loves.  While he’d like nothing better than for Crystal to welcome him back with open arms, reality is that he hurt her and if he hopes to have any chance of rekindling their relationship he’ll have to use any opportunity open to him – and her dedication to the Foundation proves to be the most convenient way to ensure she spends time with him.


Crystal’s stunned when she notices Demetrius’s appearance at the Foundation’s fundraiser.  Because of his status as one of the world’s wealthiest and most eligible bachelors his presence at any event guarantees it to be a success but that doesn’t make the situation any more tolerable for Crystal.  With a bit of champagne for courage she hopes to make it through the evening unscathed.  Unfortunately that isn’t to be because she’s soon confronted by Demetrius’s partner and best friend Makis Stratus who always seems to be just paces away from Demetrius’s side.  She’s never trusted the man and his superior attitude has only cemented her dislike of him. 


Demetrius’s timely interruption of her verbal sparring with Makis could be construed as a blessing or disastrous since she’s now forced to acknowledge his presence and the feelings she still has for him.  When Demetrius offers to donate whatever is needed to secure the foundation’s finances for the next five years in exchange for her undivided attention for a few days Crystal’s sorely tempted to take him up on the offer.  If he already believes her to be untrustworthy and unfaithful why would he want to spend any time at all with her?  For Crystal, it’s a simple matter of reveling in the passion they once shared, but as her feelings are brought to the surface so are questions about the ‘proof’ of her infidelity.  How will she react when she uncovers the truth behind the ‘evidence?’


Brandi Michaels certainly doesn’t mince words in her short story JEALOUS LOVER.  Crystal and Demetrius’s engagement was ripped apart by jealousy and insecurities but it’s obvious that there’s still a lot of love between them.  This story is sexually charged and intense right from the beginning but there are plenty of emotional connections that allow readers to enjoy every aspect of this couple’s relationship – whether fighting or loving.  Ms. Michaels delves into the heartache over a broken engagement and betrayal and brings readers a story that will leave them smiling.

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