Plays Well with Others – A Daly Way Story
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 20, 2010 - 8:19:06 PM

Paisley Szuzman’s bid for a slower, small-town way of life led to her applying for a job as an office administrator at the Laurel Ridge Ranch in Daly, Wyoming.  She may not know much about cows or ranching but she’s a fast learner and believes she’s fully capable of handling everything the job requires.  What she doesn’t know is that women are scarce in Daly and her ‘meshing’ well with her employers is a key point in her being hired.  Her office skills will be why she’s hired but winters are long and cold and Ace and Brant fervently hope her vow to PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS extends to more than just her friendliness – at least where they’re concerned.

Ace Graham and Brant Cauldwell are more than business partners on the ranch, they’re also lovers.  Don’t make the mistake of believing either of them is gay though, they’re bisexual and definitely interested in adding a woman into the mix.  The ranch really does need an office administrator but that wasn’t their only reason for advertising for help.  They are hoping that the woman who takes the position will be adventurous enough to enjoy life on the ranch the ‘Daly Way.’


Paisley’s more than a little shocked when she learns that her new job might entail more than she was led to believe.  Oh, Ace and Brant don’t come right out and say it but there are clues and hints that boggle the imagination and arouse her more than she wants to admit.  In a panic she flees the ranch and winds up back at the diner in town where it soon becomes obvious that the town’s men are desperate for female companionship.  Paisley’s relieved when the men from the ranch arrive to save her from all the male attention but she’s still uncertain about becoming involved in a ménage relationship – especially when she learns that it would involve all four men on the ranch.  Paisley’s adventurous but is she prepared for the emotional and physical demands this job will entail?


PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS is the second book in Brynn Paulin’s DALY WAY series.  I couldn’t resist diving into this story after reading BELONGING TO THEM and I’m certainly glad I picked up both titles.  The sex scenes are scorching, characters are charming and memorable and there’s no small amount of emotional angst.  With this second installment to DALY WAY readers get to revisit this charming if a bit off-balance gender-wise town.  I have to admit that I love the whole concept of this series simply because ménage and gay situations are the norm and not frowned upon.  Of course there’re also characters, such as Leena who runs the town diner, who I’ve taken a genuine liking to and want to revisit.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see another DALY WAY release.


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