Stealing the Bride
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 15, 2012 - 2:10:15 PM

Mara Nelson is making a last ditch effort at centering herself before meeting her fiancé at the altar to exchange their vows.  She’s alone communing with nature yet nothing seems to be calm her racing thoughts or stem the thought that marrying Marco could be a huge mistake.  Fortunately her good friends Jacob and Daniel aren’t above invading her space to clue her into just how wrong marrying Marco would be.

Jacob and Daniel are lovers but they also enjoy women – in particularly Mara, though they’ve never confessed to their affection for her.  As roommates they’ve all grown very close and comfortable in varying stages of nudity around each other.  They realize they’re very close to losing any chance they might have with Mara and so they decide to put it all on the line and invade her so called vacation.


Mara has never seen herself as attractive.  In fact as far as she’s concerned she’s rather plain and … well, fat.  She wants a stable life and marriage to a nice man seems like a good idea, but the thought of spending the rest of her tied to Marco and regularly scheduled Wednesday night sex has her in a panic.  As far as she’s concerned Jacob and Daniel are the most exciting and sexy men she’s ever met but they’re also gay and have been in a relationship for the past five years.  She thought she was safe to commune with nature before her upcoming nuptials, never once expecting Jacob and Daniel to intrude on her very ‘crunchy granola’ moments.  Once she learns about their bisexuality and <gulp> desire to share her, Mara realizes that Jacob and Daniel are right in their perception of her relationship with Marco, but dare she succumb to her attraction to her best friends?  Is there really a chance for a future for the three of them?


Every bride gets jitters just before the big day but for Mara those discomfited feelings are more intense and she doesn’t quite understand why.  Jacob and Daniel know that Marco is all wrong for her but they were afraid to approach her themselves.  Her communion with nature trip gives them the perfect opportunity and provides readers with plenty of hot, sexy scenes to leave you a bit envious.  Jacob and Daniel are absolutely loveable and there’s no doubt about their sincerity toward Mara.  With STEALING THE BRIDE Brynn Paulin gives readers extremely likeable characters in a difficult situation that quickly spirals out of control but still maintains a humorous feel to the storyline.

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