Pleasures Series, Book 5 - Passionate Pleasures

Author: Bertrice Small

Publisher: New American Library

Release Date: August 1, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Kathryn St. John is a prime example of a prim and proper librarian. As a member of one of the town’s founding families she takes her duties to Egret Pointe’s community seriously and is very careful not to besmirch the St. John name.  Of course, like any red-blooded woman, Miss Kathy has private fantasies and desires and thanks to the Channel, a secret interactive cable network known only to women, she’s able to maintain her public persona and still live out every fantasy her heart desires.

Miss Kathy is quite content with her life.  She maintains all the professionalism and propriety expected of her in public but when the library is closed and she returns home she’s able to tune into whatever fantasy she craves – and as a faithful erotic romance reader her imagination is very vivid.  The Channel fulfills her needs perfectly!  There’s no messy relationship issues, no dirty underwear on the floor and no demands – you just tune into the fantasy you desire and when you’re done simply close the program and go about your business.  Thus far The Channel has been a delight to Miss Kathy but when the new middle school principal arrives in town her fantasies suddenly begin featuring him as the hero and that has left her completely disconcerted.


New middle school principal Tim Blair is thrilled with the opportunities presented to him in Egret Pointe.  The close knit community and their easy acceptance of him prove that he made the right decision in relocating here.  What he hadn’t anticipated is the attraction or frustration he experiences all due to the uppity town librarian.  Their initial meeting takes place in a grocery store where she rants at him because of his ‘negligent’ care of his dog who’s howling his discontent at being left behind in Tim’s vehicle.   There’s no doubt Tim and Miss Kathy rub each other the wrong way but with a little time, understanding and acceptance they could definitely burn up the sheets.

Erotica at its best!  Bertrice Small’s books have long been a staple of my keeper shelf and PASSIONATE PLEASURES is a prime example of exactly why she’s earned the loyalty of so many readers.  Like all Mrs. Small’s storylines, PASSIONATE PLEASURES incorporates believable characters, captivating situations and plenty of passion as well as a bit of the unexpected.  I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this novel – from Tim’s dog Rowdy to Miss Kathy’s snobby and controlling brother Hallock there’s a host of characters who keep this story hopping.  Throw in the temptation of The Channel and its CEO Mr. Nicholas and PASSIONATE PLEASURES is sure to tantalize all your senses.  Tim and Miss Kathy’s relationship evolves at an interesting pace and holds your attention throughout every facet of its development.  If you haven’t read Mrs. Small’s other PLEASURE novels yet don’t worry, this story can easily be enjoyed all by itself.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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