Babies in the Bargain
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 25, 2009 - 7:30:03 AM

Dr. Holly Collier takes her responsibilities as a neonatologist very seriously.  She’s only got a year left to complete her medical training and when she’s not taking care of the infants assigned to the NICU she’s busy studying for the board exam.  The last thing she needs is Dr. Marc Suarez’s presence distracting her from her goals – after all he broke her heart seven years ago and Holly has no intention of going through that heartache again.

Dr. Marc Suarez has done everything in his power to wiggle himself back into Holly’s good graces.  Family obligations forced him to return to Puerto Rico seven years ago but now that he’s back he can’t stop thinking about Holly.  Marc’s gorgeous and extremely popular – especially with the female staff – which is both a blessing and a curse.


Despite all Marc’s efforts, Holly’s studiously turned him away over and over but they still end up spending a lot of time together in the operating room.  He administers anesthesia, she waits for the troubled babies to be born– hoping for the best, prepared for the worst.  They work well together and have even consulted each other on certain cases – including his sister-in-law’s worrisome pregnancy.


Just when they believe that Lydia’s pregnancy is in the clear, the unexpected happens.  A tragic accident forces Dr. Suarez into a position he never thought he’d have to fill – as a father figure to his orphaned nephew.  While he sees to the burial plans for his brother and his wife, Marc entrusts Holly to care for the baby.  Fortunately Holly’s already formed a strong attachment to the baby – but is she setting herself up for heartache?  Marc needs help with little Paulito and Holly’s more than willing to ‘mother’ him, but that also means she’s spending a great deal more time with Marc – and what about her upcoming exam?  Dare she dream that the dynamic Dr. Marc Suarez is ready to settle down with just one woman?


BABIES IN THE BARGAIN is one novel that pulls you into the story and holds you captive to the last page.  My heart broke for Marc and the touching way little Paulito comes into his life.  At the same time, the baby forces Holly to acknowledge her feelings for Marc – feelings she’s been trying hard to ignore.  Mona Risk delves into the intense life and death situation babies in the NICU face and tempers that overwhelming emotion with a high intensity romance in a storyline that will truly touch the reader’s heart.

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