Baby, Baby
By lisa
Jun 1, 2008 - 7:23:35 PM

When Tamara Wolfe begins a gift basket  business, the support she expects from her husband, Robert, is sadly lacking. Parents of five children, Robert and Tamara, have relied solely on his income. Her new business venture has come at a time when Robert is vying for a promotion. Robert has experience, but his competition has a degree. He's feeling less than adequate, and now Tamara is working as if she expects him to fail.

Tamara has time on her hands and the ability to help her family. She doesn’t understand Robert’s stubborn need to be the sole provider for the family. The conflict creates a wedge between the couple they must resolve. Robert's sister steps in, seeing the conflict, and offers her mother's diaries. She hopes if Tamara reads the diaries, she and Robert will not repeat the same mistakes.

In growing older Robert is now rethinking his decision to forego college and get married. Tamara begins to wonder if she really knows this man who has been her husband and is father of her children. Both begin to question their faith as they seem to grow further apart despite many years of marriage.

In BABY, BABY Karen Wiesner creates a heartwarming family and a sweet couple in Tamara and Robert. BABY, BABY does a great job showing a romance changing and growing even after years of marriage. Both Tamara and Robert look beyond their own wants and examine God’s will for their lives. This is truly a heartwarming story.

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