Baby Be Mine
By Cat Cody
Apr 6, 2004 - 5:35:00 AM

Larry "Mac" Mackenzie agreed to be legal guardian for the unborn child of a woman he'd only met twice out of a sense of obligation.  He never expected that Marion O'Keefe would die when her baby girl Katie was only seven months old.  Panicked at the thought of caring for the baby until he can find adoptive parents for her, Mac turns to Amelia Gallagher for help.  What he doesn't expect is to fall for both the baby and Amelia in the process.

Amelia Gallagher has paid the last tuition payment for her brothers' college education and she is a free woman.  Free to buy a new car with heated seats, free to spend her hard earned money on herself, free to go back to school and finish her own degree.  When Larry asks her to help him care for the baby until he can find good parents for her, Amelia pushes aside her dislike of the office playboy and pitches in to help out.  She doesn't plan on getting stuck at his house due to a snowstorm, and she certainly doesn't plan on seeing him as anything more than the annoying, arrogant, skirt chaser she's always thought him to be.  Too bad life doesn't always give you what you expect.


Amelia and Larry fall deeper and deeper in love with baby Katie, and Amelia tries to convince Larry to keep her.  Larry knows he isn't good father material, his parents sure proved that, yet he still can't sign the papers to start the adoption process.  Can Amelia's love convince him that keeping Katie is the best thing for both of them?  Can Larry overcome his past and let Amelia's love break down the walls around his heart?


Holly Jacobs invites you back into the Perry Square neighborhood and makes the trip so enjoyable you never want to leave.  Baby Katie will steal your heart before you even know what hit you, and Amelia will teach you all about what it means to really love someone.  If you are looking for a quick read that will leave you feeling warm all over, read BABY BE MINE. 

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