Baby Blues and Wedding Bells, Something Blue...: Tobias, Wisconsin Series: Book 4
By Brooke Wills
Jun 1, 2005 - 7:02:00 PM

Zach Corbett was the "bad boy" rebel growing up.  Nobody in Tobias, Wisconsin could deny he was a charmer, what with his Corbett good looks and gorgeous blue eyes.  But he also had the knack for shunning responsibility and causing trouble.  He'd peeled out of town on his motorcycle more than eight years earlier, and nobody had heard a word from him since.  Now Zach is back with the goal of laying his ghosts to rest so he can carry on with the life he's built for himself.  A career filled with caring for others, a job filled with responsibility.  There is just one small problem, however. His brother's little girl, Nell, claims Zach is her real father!  Now what is he to do?

Fran Dalton is known throughout Tobias as the calm, level-headed one.  She is in charge of the garden renovations for the Bliss House, and with the grand opening deadline drawing near, she is beginning to worry they will never be done in time.  What luck that Zach has shown up and has volunteered his labor in exchange for room and board in her home.  She will never admit to anyone that she'd ever had a crush on Bad Boy Zach.  Besides, who can trust him?  Will he stick around long enough to settle the situation with his brother and Nell?  Or will more hearts be betrayed before he drives out of town again?


BABY BLUES AND WEDDING BELLS is Book 4 in Patricia McLinn's fabulous "Something Blue..." series.  Even if you haven't had a chance to meet the other residents in Tobias, Wisconsin by reading Books 1 through 3, you won't miss a beat.  Ms. McLinn is that good of a writer you can easily start at Book 4 and work your way back.  Zach and Fran are marvelously drawn characters; and the supporting cast from the previous books are back in full force.  The town of Tobias is one that makes you yearn for small-town living when life was just a bit simpler; a bit slower-paced.  All in all, this latest release is a "must read" along with the other three books in the series.

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