Baby I'm Yours
By Cat Cody
Apr 1, 2006 - 12:11:00 PM

Claire McDermott has been let down by most of the men in her life. She's learned that she can rely on herself and her two foster sisters, and that's about it. When a hot affair with her friend and neighbor Vic Jansen results in a surprise pregnancy, she knows he'll do the "right thing" but is that what she wants?

Vic has put his past marriage and his deceased child as far behind him as possible. After the death of his daughter, half his heart went with her. He's sworn never to marry again or have another child, but that doesn't stop him from wanting Claire from the moment he laid eyes on her paint-speckled face. The thought of being a father again terrifies him, but the thought of his child growing up without him bothers him more.


Claire is determined to resist Vic's efforts at matrimony. Just because they made a child together doesn't mean they should get married. Without love, what's the point of being married? But can she let go of her painful baggage and trust Vic? And can Vic move past his guilt to try again?


Catherine Mann never fails to thrill you, and BABY I'M YOURS is no different. Fans of her Wingmen Warriors will love this hot, quick read. Vic is a tortured hero with a heart big as all outdoors. Claire is struggling to make the right decisions for herself and her child while running a popular business. Ms. Mann has a deft talent for writing memorable heroes, and this book is no different. If you're looking for a read that will tug your heartstrings even as it stirs your passions, this is it.



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