Baby Makes Three
By Leigh
Dec 1, 2007 - 6:13:04 AM

Years of planning and hard work have finally paid off for restaurant manager Gabe Mitchell. Along with his father, Patrick, and brother, Max, he’s built the fabulous Inn he’s always dreamed of along the Hudson River. There’s only one problem; Gabe’s booked a bridezilla society wedding in two months, and still hasn’t found a suitable chef to handle both the restaurant and wedding reception. Max comes up with the perfect solution, but it’s one Gabe would rather not take; hiring the best chef he’s ever worked with - his ex-wife Alice.


Ten years ago Gabe and Alice had everything – rising careers, each other, and a baby on the way. When they lost their baby, it tore a hole in their world. The failed attempts for, and aching loss of, another child added to their heartbreak. Unable to work through their losses and buried in hurt and anger, their marriage shattered. Now Gabe needs Alice, but doesn’t recognize her in the bitter and brittle woman he sees.


Divorce was just the beginning of Alice’s downward spiral. In the subsequent years since losing her babies and Gabe, she also lost her restaurant and purpose. In debt and working at a job she hates, she spends her days pretending not to care and her nights drinking. When she’s fired, she knows she’ll have to take Gabe’s job offer – she just doesn’t know how she’ll survive seeing both Gabe and the realization of the dream they once shared.


Working together reminds Gabe and Alice of everything they once had. But it also reminds them of how good they are at hurting each other. Can they find a way to deal with the past and move forward, or are they on a collision course for destruction?


Author Molly O’Keefe has once again penned an overpoweringly emotional read that perfectly captures the devastation of a marriage gone wrong. Gabe and Alice are two people who can’t seem to stop hurting themselves or the one they love, and their struggles are heartbreaking. This is the first in O’Keefe’s “The Mitchells of Riverview Inn” series, and sets up an intriguing storyline for the Mitchell family. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, A MAN WORTH KEEPING, in April 2008, to see more of Gabe and Alice and find out what happens with the rest of the Mitchell family.


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