Baby Papers
By J.T.
Aug 10, 2008 - 6:37:28 PM

With her biological clock ticking away, single Bethany Mattson is determined to have a child while she still can. Since there is no one stepping up to take on the role of spouse, Bethany cooks up a surefire plan for reproduction. In order to put her idea into action, she proceeds to obtain the necessary legal documents that will protect her and her progeny after the more intimate activities have been satisfied.

Enter Julian Malone, the handsome high-powered attorney that Bethany fortuitously hires to obtain her BABY PAPERS. This luscious lawyer soon finds he is willing to offer more than just his legal advice to the beauteous Bethany. However, due to some faulty observation and hilarious misconception, it seems that there will be no hope of Bethany ever accepting him, or so he thinks.
As the attraction flares between misguided Julian and headstrong Bethany, they will have to struggle with the choices they make before being able to accept each other. For whenever they are together, the passion that they share threatens to scorch away all their good reasoning and common sense! Will Bethany ever realize that Julian may just be the perfect sperm donor as well as a father figure too?

With humor and the amusing antics of colorful characters, Patt Mihailoff brings us an emotional story that tantalizes readers with an entrancing plot. Though the tale begins with hilarious misconstrued ideas, the depth of emotion in the story along with the intriguing personalities and the history of the ingĂ©nues really enriches the reading experience for me. Making babies have never been so entertaining!

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