Baby by Contract
By Ansley Cooper
May 10, 2008 - 6:04:01 AM

Debra Salonen, Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine’s 2006 Series Storyteller of the Year, launches her newest series with BABY BY CONTRACT.  In this feel good story, she introduces us to the town of Sentinel Pass and a host of delightfully vivid, and sometimes eccentric, characters.

Libby McGannon is a typical thirty-something in a small town without many prospects.  Prim and practical, the loudest sound in town is the ticking of her biological clock.  Thanks to the joys of the internet, she discovers anything can be sold on eBay.  Her solution?  Trade half of her interest in the family gold mine for a suitable sperm donation.  The catch?  The donor has to pass her rigorous inspection.


Cooper Lindstrom has been in Hollywood since the cradle, literally.  The host of the popular television reality series has the world at his feet until his mother dies unexpectedly and his checks begin to bounce.  The discovery that his mother had gambled away his fortune was a shock to say the least.  Broke and desperate, he needs to get out of town for awhile before his mother’s bookie follows through on his threats.  Where better to go than to Sentinel Pass to meet the woman advertising for a man to father her child?  The entire scenario is his ticket out of the debt his mother has left him in.  The gold mine isn’t incentive enough.  The fact that someone would make such an outrageous offer is prime fodder for a new sitcom with him as the star.


BABY BY CONTRACT is a wonderful take on how one decision can cascade into a series of new ones, each more complex than the last. Ms. Salonen does a superb job engaging the reader and pulling the heart strings as Cooper does his research.  Neither Libby nor Cooper is prepared for how the circumstances of their involvement change as the chemistry between them mounts.  Love changes people and BABY BY CONTRACT shows how it can also redeem even the most jaded star.  Without realizing it, the reader is sucked into Sentinel Pass to laugh, cry, and cheer as Libby and Cooper overcome the obstacles to their happily ever after.

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