Baby on the Billionaire's Doorstep
By Jenn L
Sep 1, 2008 - 8:00:26 AM

Lucy Alwin has never been good at lying.  She can't stand doing it, but right now she's desperate.  Chasing after her twin in an attempt to stop her from leaving her niece on the doorstep of the man who fathered the child has left her in a tangled mess.  It's bad enough that Dex has no idea he even has a daughter, now Lucy is pretending to be Isabella's mother, telling the biggest, most important lie of her life.

Dex Messina is a globetrotting bachelor who never wants for female companionship.  He is in control and lives his life as he see fit.  Exhausted after his most recent trip, he is shocked to find a baby waiting at home for him.  Nevertheless, who can resist Isabella, she's sweet and adorable.  Dex is going to do what is right for her.  When a striking redhead appears at his door, claiming she made a mistake and wants her baby back, Dex is determined to get to bottom of her story, no matter what it takes.


Neither of them expected to be attracted to each other, but their mutual love for one little girl is tying their lives together and forging a bond from which they may never be able to break free.


Ms. Emily McKay has penned a touching tale of love and second chances that will have you cheering for Dex and Lucy from the very beginning.  Forced together by circumstances, these two strong willed personalities are set to clash, igniting a passion they never expected.


Equally matched, Dex meets in Lucy the one woman who isn't impressed by his wealth and actually wants him for who he is, not what he can give her.  Lucy has an iron will that she is not afraid to call on when she needs to.  Her love for Isabella is as pure as any mother's could be.  Together they make a perfect pair.


BABY ON THE BILLIONAIRE'S DOORSTEP is a moving, emotional read that is well worth the time invested.  Snappy dialogue and a character driven plot deliver a novel that will grace my keeper shelf for many years to come.

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