Bachelor in Blue Jeans

Author: Lauren Nichols

Publisher: Silhouette Books

Release Date: July 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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When Zach Davis came home to fix up his great-aunt’s house, he knew he would probably run into his childhood sweetheart, Kristin Chase.  There would be no way to avoid it, especially when she buys him at the local charity auction on his first night back in town!

But Zach is a grown man now, and a far cry from the troubled teen he was when he left thirteen years earlier.  He has goals to accomplish, first and foremost, is making his construction company the biggest and best it can be.  And those goals do not include relationships or marriage.


He has only returned as a favor to his great-aunt, the woman who raised him after his drunken father passed away.  The sooner he can finish the repairs to her house, the sooner he can get back to his life in North Carolina, hundreds of miles from the small, gossipy town in Pennsylvania.


Kristin Chase can never forgive Zach for his teen-age betrayals. Especially since he let her down when she needed him most.  When Zach moved away, Kris put her life together.  His coming back doesn’t mean they will pick up where they left off…not by any means.  She only bought him at the bachelor auction because she felt sorry for him…right?


One thing is for certain:  the chemistry between them has not cooled off during the intervening years.  Whether they are fighting or kissing, the sparks are still there.  And this time, he is there when Kristin needs him most. What takes Zach a bit longer to discover is that he needs Kristin, too.


Lauren Nichols has created a delightful story. There is little bit of mystery, a little bit of humor, and a whole lot of romance.  Her characters are very likable; and the love scenes are beautifully written.  BACHELOR IN BLUE JEANS is the perfect book to relax with on a hot summer’s day.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brooke Wills

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