Kings of the Boardroom - Bachelor’s Bought Bride
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 10, 2010 - 6:45:58 PM

Heiress Bree Kincannon is the sort of woman who blends into the background.  While she attends many functions at her father’s side she’s never asked to dance and for the most part goes unnoticed by the jet set crowd.  She really doesn’t mind since she’d prefer to be at home with her cats or behind the lens of a camera snapping photographs.  At twenty-nine years old it looks like Bree’s well on her way to becoming a spinster and the only person who’s dissatisfied with her single status seems to be her father, venture capitalist Elliot Kincannon. 

Gavin Spencer is an advertising executive with Maddox Communications but he has dreams of starting his own agency and the incentive Bree’s father is offering if he marries her would make the leap from employee to employer so much easier.  There’s no denying that Elliot’s monetary enticement is a huge temptation but Gavin is pleasantly surprised to discover that Bree has all the traits he’d like in a wife.  She’s witty, talented, smart, beautiful (in an understated way) and he’s physically attracted to her.   He could have it all, but only if he’s very careful, he’s sure Bree wouldn’t appreciate knowing about her father’s stunning offer. 


At first Bree’s overwhelmed by Gavin’s interest in her but figures he’s only being polite.  His attentive nature and quick smile quickly disarm her and she has a wonderful evening playing Belle of the Ball even if she is wearing a rather dowdy dress.  Bree’s quite certain that she’ll never hear from him again once they part ways that evening but Gavin surprises her by actually courting her.  He invites her out on dates and introduces her to friends and co-workers and Bree discovers a whole new confidence and pleasure in being accepted as she is – even though she does get a makeover.  What Bree can’t figure out is why Gavin is bothering with her; if he’s romantically interested in her wouldn’t he at least try to kiss her? 


By the time Gavin does make his move, Bree’s positive that he’s the perfect man for her so she doesn’t quibble with his plans for a future and a no-nonsense wedding.  But her ideas of happily-ever-after may come crashing down around her when she learns that Gavin received money in exchange for marrying her.


Jennifer Lewis’ writing always seems to contain a zest for life and passion that resonates and draws in readers.  In BACHELOR’S BOUGHT BRIDE we’re thrust into a romantic situation that ethically we know could result in a great deal of emotional pain for Bree.  It’s impossible not to get caught up in her hopes and dreams and pray that Gavin doesn’t break her heart.   I genuinely enjoyed reading about Bree and Gavin’s courtship and how she takes such great pleasure in introducing him to San Francisco through her eyes.  I have to confess I got a huge kick out of the drama that goes down once Bree learns about the payoff.   This book has it all – a stellar romance, a hint of suspense, plenty of ‘ah ha’ moments, loveable characters and an emotional apology that had me sighing in pleasure.


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Also, be sure to keep an eye out for Jennifer Lewis’ new series coming out in 2011 called the ROYAL REBELS.  I was just reading through the blurbs for each of the stories in the series and they sound positively delectable.

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