Bachelorette #1

Author: Jennifer O'Connell

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: August 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Sarah Divine Holmes could not believe the assignment Suzanne, her editor at Femme Magazine was giving her. She was going to be going undercover as a contestant on the latest reality show hit called "The Stag". She would be posing as a bachelorette trying to win the heart of "The Stag" along with several other women. Her real purpose of being there would be to get close to the other contestants and find out what kind of women went on a show like that and what goes on behind the scenes. Sarah faced a little problem of her own; she was married and had a daughter of her own already.

The first thing Sarah had to do was run the assignment by her husband Jack who surprisingly had no problem with it. Next, she had to make it past two auditions but Suzanne had that all taken care of too; Sarah was going to get a complete makeover. Then with both auditions behind her Sarah was heading to Hollywood to compete to win the heart of "The Stag".

Sarah tries to find some dirt for her assignment while trying to make it to the next round without getting booted. She also finds herself becoming friends with some of the other hens as they are called on the show. Sarah begins to realize that they are not all as shallow as she had once thought and that each woman had their own reason for being there. The time she spent with "The Stag" was not so bad either, she liked being romanced and realized what she had been missing in her own marriage. In the end Sarah found herself wanting to win the heart of The Stag and be BACHELORETTE #1.

When I first started reading BACHELORETTE #1 I was not sure what to expect. I mean what kind of woman would go on a show like that if she was married? I soon realized there was so much more to this book than I ever imagined, I was hooked. The story pulled me in and would not let go until I had finished the last word. Jennifer O'Connell is definitely an author that I will be looking to read more from in the future.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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