By Chloe Lin
Nov 4, 2003 - 5:00:00 PM

After her fiance in college committed the ultimate betrayal, Catherine Stowe swears off relationships. Instead, the make-up artist frequents bars as her alter ego, Kitty, to pick up men, and she dumps them just as quickly. But her latest conquest, Gideon Fevere, is different. The sexual chemistry between the two jaded players is almost combustible from the get-go. And Gideon, a former CIA operative, will not be forced out like her previous lovers. He is hired to protect Catherine's boss, a movie star who is being stalked by dangerous fanatics. While Gideon is on this assignment, he seizes every opportunity to get close to the elusive make-up artist.

Since her painful break-up in college, Catherine hides either under a non-descriptive professional appearance during the day or the Uber-sexy veneer of ballsy Kitty at night. As an ex-CIA agent, Gideon is a shrewd interpreter of people and their motives, and Catherine proves to be too tempting a puzzle for him to leave unsolved. In her, he senses hidden depth, a part of herself that she carefully masks even as she makes up other people for her job. Perhaps Catherine is a little lost, but in Gideon's arms, she finds an anchor. She can be herself and trusts that she won't be rejected.
BACHELORETTE is a tantalizing story, spiced with some bondage and submission elements. Author Sherri King delivers well-executed suspense and a compelling cast of characters. The readers attention, however, is focused Gideon and Catherine, who are damaged but are ultimately redeemed by each others love.

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