Back To Love: Baby Blues
By Shayla
May 1, 2005 - 3:10:00 PM

Lacey is tired. Being a new mom is harder than she realized. Trying to take care of Shawn and keep up with the household chores leaves no time for herself. She doesn't dress up like she used to or even wear make-up anymore. Lacey doesn't even have time for her husband Joel. He never helps out around the house or spends time with Shawn. Joel's the one who wanted a baby not her.  It's not that she doesn't love Shawn; she loves him with all that she has. Lacey is just tired of doing it all by herself.  Joel is suddenly doing nice things for her. Every time she tries to initiate a private moment with Joel he walks away. She starts to think he's having an affair and is making up for it. Can she stay in a marriage where she believes Joel doesn't find her attractive and is cheating on her? 

Joel loves Lacey and knows they are growing apart. Everything he suggests to Lacey makes her angry with him.  He stops in a stripper bar and not even the women there interest him. One of the strippers gives him advice on what's wrong with his marriage.  He gets help from his secretary on how to win Lacey back. Joel starts by helping with Shawn and the household chores. He gives her time for herself, bubble baths and massages. He is waiting for her to come back to their marriage bed and doesn't want to scare her away. He plans a special night for their anniversary but finds out that Lacey thinks he's cheating. What's he going to do? How can he explain what he's been doing? 


Ms Brooks story of new parents and what they go through. How their lives change when a baby comes along took me back to when my first child was born.  BACK TO LOVE: BABY BLUES is a must read for all new parents out there. The conflict they faced and how they overcame their struggles. I wish this book had been out when my first child or second child had been born. Maybe I would have known how to juggle being a mommy and a wife. Now that my children are older I know how to juggle both. I look forward to reading more books from Ms Brooks.

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