Back in Black
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2010 - 1:43:42 PM

Drew Black is president of the Supreme Battle Challenge (SBC) fighting organization. He is smart, skilled, and well, definitely rough around the edges. The owners of the SBC have hired a PR specialist, Gillian Noode, to rein Drew in, to cut the sexist language, and to make him softer. Gillian is sure she can do it.

Drew will have no part in Gillian’s scheme however. He knows he is fine the way he is. He would not have gotten the SBC to the top of the profession without having attitude and intelligence. While Gillian is determined to “fix” Drew, he is just as determined to make Gillian his. He admires her intelligence, her drive, and most definitely her looks. It is a battle of two professionals, but who will come out on top when they are at cross-purposes?

BACK IN BLACK is the long-awaited book about Drew Black, the tough president of the SBC. He is no softy that is for sure. This man is a hard-driven, purposeful businessman who wants only success for the SBC. Readers will laugh and shake their heads at his rough and tough attitude. Gillian realizes quickly that her feelings are getting in the way of her professional job to make-over Drew. She also realizes that maybe this man does not need to change. As these two battle it out, in the bedroom and the proverbial boardroom, feelings grow and spark more intense emotions. Lori Foster is a champ at creating sexy and truly tangible emotions and that talent is put to good use in BACK IN BLACK. A secondary romance adds more spice to this story.

BACK IN BLACK will have readers rooting for love to take the championship in the ring. Drew and Gillian have quite a show to put on.

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