Back to You - Bad Boys of Red Hook, Book 1
By Dorine Linnen
Mar 2, 2013 - 2:52:14 PM

Breanna "Bree" Collins has made a life for herself in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  She manages her dad's best friend's business, making it a top neighborhood restaurant and bar with entertainment.  When Bree's dad passed away, Pete became like a surrogate father to her.  Pete appreciates everything Bree does, since she is like a daughter to him.  His three adopted sons left Red Hook to follow their dreams, even though Storm seemed more like he was running away from something rather than toward anything.

Storm Decker came home a few times since he took off to join the Marines years ago and eventually became a racing yacht architect.  He has managed to avoid seeing Bree each time, but due to the circumstances, he wouldn't be able to do it this time.  Even so, he had expected a better welcome than getting smacked on the head with a skillet when mistaken for a burglar.  Bree's fiery temper seems to have matured over the years as much as her beauty.

When Storm heard about his father's heart attack from his brother, Logan, he couldn't believe that they weren't told what was going on at home.  Pete didn't tell them—Bree called Logan to request help after Pop had surgery because she couldn't handle everything herself.  Logan was in the middle of a harvest in California and Slater was tied up at school in Seattle, so Storm jumped on a plane from New Zealand.  It never occurred to him to do anything less where Pop was concerned.  He owed him that and more for giving a streetwise kid a home when he needed it most.

Unfortunately, no one thought to forewarn Storm that Bree was taking care of Nicki, another kid that Pop had taken in, nor did he know she was staying in the apartment he knew as home.  Why hadn't Pop told him about Nicki?  And what was he going to do about his attraction to Bree?

Bree and Storm have a history together, good friends to almost lovers until Storm took off without a word to Bree or anyone else.  He knew he had to leave or get stuck because Bree was just the type of girl who could tie him to her, and he had nothing to give.  All Bree knew was that Storm had run off and never looked back.  She never forgot that moment, or how she felt about him, but she's not about to forgive him.

Can the mistakes of the past be smoothed over when Bree and Storm haven't spoken in eleven years?  Or, is lust a better, safer follow-through?

BACK TO YOU is a small town romance with an uptown feel because urban renewal is prominent.  A generous cast of characters pull the reader into their lives, many who have known each other since they were kids.  It's fun to get to know them, and hopefully, some will reappear as this series continues.  BACK TO YOU is a good first book in a series that seems different enough to set itself apart from other small town romances.  Filled with kids, grown-ups with issues, an unsavory character or two, an unruly puppy with bathing fears and enough good friends who know all your business, BACK TO YOU satisfies with an emotional happy-ever-after. 

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