Bad Attitude
By Angel
Aug 4, 2005 - 8:11:00 AM

Joshua Steele is in prison for taking a shot at his commanding officer after losing his temper.  He figures he won't make it out until he's middle age, and doesn't see anyway to get out sooner.  Then Syd shows up and makes him an offer he can't refuse, and after the job is done he will be a free man.  He has serious doubts about getting involved in her organization, but can't see any other way out.  His attraction for Syd is strong, but can he resist her long enough to do the job?

Sydney Westbrook has some serious doubts about hiring Steele to help them take down a terrorist, but her sister convinces her that he is the man for the job.  The man is in prison for shooting at his commanding officer, in Syd's book that doesn't make him trustworthy.  However, he is the only one that can gain access to the people they need.  Syd feels a strong attraction toward Steele, but she knows it can be dangerous mixing business and pleasure.  Will they solve their case before their desires overwhelm them?

BAD ATTITUDE is an awesome book that starts off with action and stays that way through the entire book.  Steele is a wonderful hero, who has a dark and sensual streak that will curl reader's toes.  Syd can certainly hold her own against Steele, and her strong willed attitude will have readers cheering for her.  The romantic tension between Syd and Steele is so tight, reader's wait with baited breath to see when it will snap.  This is the third story in the BAD series and Sherrilyn Kenyon has proved once again why her writing is so popular, and I can't wait to see what is next in the BAD series.

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