Bad Blood, Book 4 - Fearless Maverick
By Michele Rioli
Oct 25, 2011 - 3:21:52 PM

Blast it all! Alex Wolfe, a charismatic, extraordinarily handsome racecar driver, is laid up until further notice, after a serious racecar accident. His plans to drive in the big race coming up are on the back burner for now. It is his lucky day though, his aide found him a renowned physio person to whip him back into shape. At least that is what he is hoping. Thinking to himself, he might get two things for the price of one out of the deal.
Healing as well as being in tip-top shape in time for the race. Could there be more to the deal than that?

Taking a deep breath, Libby Henderson steadies herself before knocking on the celebrated racecar driver Alex Wolfe’s front door. She gave herself a pep talk on the way over - he is just another patient and there is no need to get nervous. Libby should talk; she is a very famous person herself! An excellent champion surfer with a body to die for is now a physiotherapist, after her accident ended her surfing career. What happens when these two success driven people meet?


FEARLESS MAVERICK, the fourth book in the BAD BLOOD series, is a wild, daring, romantic ride! When courageous, charismatic racecar driver Alex Wolfe meets Libby Henderson, his physiotherapist aka world champion surfer, a sizzling romance ignites between them. Flirting leads to touching and then…hmm. Let’s say, the sheets need to cool off some. Ms. Grady had me smiling and laughing as these two strong-willed people find that elusive something within themselves. Libby does her best to keep things professional between them, but alas… The story’s beautiful theme of the importance of family is expertly threaded into the storyline. However, there are secrets that these two keep from one another as their emotions run deep. Robyn Grady always delivers a winning story and this one is no exception! Brisk, snappy with sparkles of humor and charm, FEARLESS MAVERICK hits a homerun!

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