Cattle Valley: Bad Boy Cowboy
By jhayboy
Nov 1, 2008 - 5:16:58 PM

After years of redefining his life to fit into the life of the one man he has always loved – Logan Miller turns up at the EZ Does It Ranch to ask the man for a Job. From the moment Jax sees Logan after more than a decade, he is instantly impressed with the body that has been honed to perfection – the fact that he is also instantly attracted to his brother best friend does not help, as he is not in the market for a relationship.


When Logan does everything but strip to get Jax’s attention, he realizes that the direct approach is his best ticket to get close to the man of his dreams. Jax is ashamed of his past and has deep rooted insecurity issues, which he has never told another living soul about. Can he man up and take what’s being offered before the best thing to come into his life in a long while gets tired of trying.


Another great read from Ms. Lynne, Jax and Logan are in a push and pull relationship of sorts. Jax is trying is level best to ignore the attraction that he feels for his brother’s best friend and make every effort to push him away, but find it impossible, as everything about Logan turns him on. Logan on the other hand wants only Jax, will do and have done everything to be with him – now that he is within touching distance of the man he wants he finds it harder than he imagined it would be. 


BAD BOY COWBOY is a perfect addition to the  CATTLE VALLEY family of books; a cowboy wanting to toss off his bad boy image to be all and everything to the one man he has always desire.



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