Bad Boy
Mar 17, 2009 - 1:56:19 PM

Leah Reece, journalist and owner of the number one e-zine, Heat, will do anything for a story. Heat stays on top by following trends, and sex sells. Rumors about the mysterious 69 Club pique her interest, and the erotic show she witnesses only furthers her need to write the story. Then she meets Quin Perez, and her focus on journalism takes a backseat to her libido.

Quin works at the club doing whatever’s needed, but it’s Leah that’s working his lust into overdrive. She’s a sexy blonde he can’t get out of his mind. Her picture over her weekly article is stunning, but in the flesh, she’s even better. Stubborn, hot, and a woman who goes after what she wants. And she wants Quin.

The passion they share is fiery, but Leah’s interest in the Sixty-Nine puts her in danger. There’s more to the club than sex, and much more to Quin than the dangerous bodyguard he appears. Before long, Leah’s in over her head in trouble, and only Quin can bail her out.


This is my first Maya Reynolds book, and it won’t be my last. In BAD BOY, Leah and Quin have depth. Leah’s vulnerable, assertive without sacrificing her femininity, and real. The loss of her mother truly wounded her, and in Quin she finds a man who wants her for more than her body, but her heart and soul. In Quin, we find a hero worth rooting for. He’s tough, guarded, yet  susceptible to a woman he’s falling in love with. The intimacy between the couple starts out hot and just keeps getting hotter. Ms. Reynolds knows how to ratchet sexual tension while keeping the emotion flowing as well.


The suspenseful plot adds depth to this romance, the height of danger giving the hero and the heroine a large obstacle to hurdle. With well thought out characters, an explicit romance, emotional drama and a heck of a plot, Ms. Reynolds has created one unforgettable story. Now I can’t wait to go back and read her first, BAD GIRL.  Kudos for a job well done.

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