Bad Boys Online
By Missy Andrews
Jul 9, 2003 - 1:58:00 AM


Kindra Hill is sure her worst nightmare has come true when, while sitting in her office reading a sexy e-mail from her online lover, she hears the deep voice of her real life crush and co-worker, Mack Stone, reading it out loud behind her. She has decided that the real thing is just too messy and complicated so she has an online lover. Mack can’t believe what he has just stumbled onto. He always suspected there was more to Kindra than met the eye and this definitely confirms it. When he hears her reasons for resorting to an online lover he decides that this is the perfect opportunity to discover the real Kindra and does what any friend would do. He offers to show her how good the real thing is – with him. While Kindra can’t believe what he is actually offering neither is she dumb enough to say no, just in case he really is serious. Once Mack starts reading her e-mails to her she finds out just HOW serious he really is.


Jared Kincaid does NOT believe what he is hearing. His boss wants him and co-worker Candy Appleton to participate in an online counseling session so they can break through the tension that is between them and concentrate on their jobs. Jared hates to tell his boss but the thing that would really help Jared’s tension is to spend about twenty-four hours straight in bed with her. Of course he knows that can’t happen, messing around with somebody from the office is what got him fired from his last job so he must, at all costs, avoid any and all contact with Candy. Candy is all for this counseling. Maybe if they are actually locked in a room together she can get him to notice her and maybe figure out why he doesn’t like her. She intends to make the most of this time together and once they get started on the counseling session and realize it is intended to help couples with their sexual problems – well Jared seems to be warming up to her real quick.


Halley Connors can’t believe what she is seeing. On the main page of her catering web site, instead of wearing a brown dress and carrying a tray of hors d’oeuvres, she is wearing nothing but a smile and a cupid in a very strategic place. She has no idea who has hacked into her site or why, but she knows it has to be fixed NOW and the only person who can do that is her web master and best friend Evan Barrett. She has done her best to avoid him over the past six months since those "I want to be your lover instead of your friend" feelings have pretty much taken over. Evan is furious when he finds out that someone has hacked into his hack proof work and even more furious to think about people seeing Halley naked. If anyone is going to be seeing her naked it’s him – he wishes. But when he realizes how upset she is over the situation and the comforting arms of friendship turn into the arousing touches of a lover he might just have to send those hackers a thank you note.

In her first book, Erin McCarthy, gives us three fun, sexy, sassy, sensual, and seductive stories that all center around that device that most of us have discovered we can’t live without – the Internet. The thing that makes these stories so amusing is the way Ms. McCarthy lets us inside the head of her characters to "hear" their true thoughts because as we all know, what we say is not always what we really WANT to say. Some of the things that go on inside the heads of these characters will have you laughing out loud. The characters are well developed, the action is fast paced, the dialogue is witty and the love scenes are beyond hot. For something to help warm you up as those September nights cool down log onto these bad boys.

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