Bad Boys Over Easy

Author: Erin McCarthy, Jen Nicholas, Jordan Summers

Publisher: Kensington Brava

Release Date: April 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Fuzzy Logic by
Erin McCarthy


Ashley Andrews loves to shop and managed to get herself in some serious credit card debt.  Now she's decided to do something about it.  To make some extra money, Ashley has taken on a second job hosting parties to sell sex toys.  She's still waiting for some of the merchandise to show up while she's setting up for her first party.  She doesn't expect Lucas, her downstairs neighbor and younger brother's best friend, to show up carrying the box of neon pink toys.  She doesn't expect the geeky scientist to want to try out the various toys and lotions she has for sale.  And she certainly doesn't expect Lucas to want to experiment with her!

Lucas Manning doesn't know what to think when he opens up the box that was delivered to his door, only to discover that 1) the box was meant for his upstairs neighbor Ashley, not him and 2) it's filled with neon pink dildos.  He can't imagine what Ashley can possibly plan to do with a dozen of the things!  Well, he might as well bring the box to her apartment and find out.  When he sees the array of sex toys set up in the apartment, Lucas decides to take a chance.  He's wanted Ashley for years but she's always thought of him as a geeky kid.  Why not give some of the toys a try and show Ashley that he's all grown up and all man?  Will Ashley and Lucas discover something new in an old friendship?



The Cupid Curse by Jen Nicholas


Valentine Lewis is getting desperate.  Her birthday is on Valentine's Day.  Her name is Valentine.  Is there any reason why she shouldn' t want a man for her birthday?  She hasn't had much luck on her own and she's been celibate for way too long.  So why not ask Cupid for help?


Gideon is a cupid-in-training, or "winger" as full-fledged Cupids prefer to call the trainees.  Valentine's case could be the break he's looking for to prove he's ready to be a full Cupid.  When Gideon spots Valentine's perfect match and aims his arrow, he knows it's imperative that he doesn' t make a single mistake.  But once he lets the arrow fly, something goes seriously wrong.  Gideon manages to shoot himself instead!  What's he going to do now?


Valentine is flabbergasted when a gorgeous man shows up at her door, claiming to be Cupid.  Well, a Cupid anyway.  And when Gideon first sets eyes on Val, he isn't much more coherent than she is but he somehow manages to stammer out his dilemma.  Valentine is furious!  She finally got up the nerve to ask Cupid for help and now her last chance at love and happiness has flown away with Gideon's ill-aimed arrow!?  Or has it?  What will happen between Valentine and her well-meaning but clumsy Cupid?



Mesmerized by Jordan Summers


Night after night, Amanda Dillon has men crawling at her feet.  Amanda's one-woman show features a segment where she calls men from the audience up on stage to hypnotize.  Her mainly-female audiences love it but Amanda is getting bored with the same routine.  Sure, her act is sold-out for months but she still needs to find ways to keep things fresh.  While an interview might liven things up, the "Man Tamer of Manhattan" knows the kind of damage the media can cause and is dead-set against granting one. 


Derek Armstrong is determined find a way to get close to Amanda Dillon.  He's called her assistant daily for week and he's sent enough flowers to practically fill Amanda's dressing room.  Unfortunately the only one he's impressed is the assistant.  So Derek tries a different tactic; he buys a ticket to Amanda's show.  He gets called up on stage with the rest of the gorgeous men in the audience for the hypnosis segment but when it's over, Derek can't seem to snap out of the trance.  Or so he wants Amanda to think.


Amanda feels she has no choice but to bring Derek home with her. She'll take care of him and do everything she can to break him out of his lovesick trance.  But something happens that Derek doesn't expect; he really begins to fall for Amanda.  Will she reciprocate?  What will happen if Amanda discovers Derek's original intention?



This delectable selection of hot, gorgeous bad boys is the perfect way to start any day.  FUZZY LOGIC takes one of my favorite themes, friends who take their relationship to a new and much deeper level, and gives it a humorous new perspective.  THE CUPID CURSE is a thoroughly enjoyable and witty story with a whimsical touch.  MESMERIZED is very clever, with an unusual and captivating premise.  I didn't waste any time making room for BAD BOYS OVER EASY on my keeper shelf! 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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