Bad Boys Southern Style
By Angel
Jun 10, 2006 - 11:31:00 AM

BAD BOYS SOUTHERN STYLE is another exciting anthology of bad boys finding the right women.  JoAnn Ross, E.C. Sheedy and Jill Shalvis know how to create stories that will rock the reader's world and heat up their temperatures.

LOVE POTION #9 by JoAnn Ross

Sloan Hawthorne is tired of the dreams that plague him about a sensual woman who awakens his desires.  The new movie he is directing is definitely having an effect on him and he knows only one woman who can help him.  Roxi is an expert on the character Sloan is playing in movie.  When he comes to her seeking information, she is more than happy to help him.  Will they find more than just a story?

LOVE POTION #9 is packed full of paranormal suspense as well as intense passion.  Roxi is a great heroine who doesn't make excuses for what she believes in.  Sloan is the hotshot Hollywood director who wants to make a picture and needs some first hand knowledge on witches; which is where Roxi comes in.  This couple throws off sparks from the second they meet and you just know that their relationship is going to be dynamite.  JoAnn Ross wonderfully combines the paranormal with historical aspects to create one amazing contemporary tale.


Tracy is an expert in making people feel at ease. She is always on the ball and ready to handle any problems that come up.  However, Tracy is sick and tired of trying to please everyone and for once she's going to do something to please herself.  Colson is more than pleased to show Tracy just how happy he can make her and ensure that the only thing she'll say to him is 'yes'.  Will Tracy find herself falling for a bad boy?

MIDNIGHT PLANE TO GEORGIA is the classic romance where the hero and heroine lock eyes across a crowded room or airport, as this case may be.  You feel the shock of attraction between Tracy and Colson from the first meeting.  Their interactions are positively steamy and readers will love the ease with which they move into this relationship.  The love scenes are fiery enough to set the pages smoking and the storyline is enchanting with romance galore.  E.C. Sheedy is a talented author and her story of two strangers meeting and falling in love is sure to be a favorite among her fans.

FALL FROM GRACE by Jill Shalvis

Janie is a librarian who is used to a quiet life, but she finds herself right in the middle of a major mystery when one of the townspeople goes missing.  During a blackout, she freaks when she finds someone in the library with a gun; but soon finds out it's Ryan Peterson.  Ryan is a private investigator who's working on the missing person case.  Is Janie finally going to get a little excitement and passion into her life by helping Ryan solve his case?

I found FALL FROM GRACE to be a riot; the lead heroine is a spunky little minx with plenty of attitude and even in the face of being attacked doesn't back down.  The mystery comes in with the missing townperson and the readers are wondering what's really going on.  No story is complete without a hero and Ryan plays the part perfectly as the sexy PI on a mission.  Jill Shalvis penned a story with plenty of plot to keep the reader turning the pages and more than enough heat to keep the tension high.

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