Bad Boys With Expensive Toys
By BJ Deese
Sep 15, 2004 - 5:09:00 AM


Vince Grange is quite shocked to discover his deceased aunt has willed him a pampered poodle that only understands French and eats chef-prepared meals.  What’s even more shocking is she left the poodle fourteen million dollars, which will go to Vince when the dog passes on.  The stipulation:  if the dog dies of unnatural causes, then the money goes to his spoiled cousins.  Things start to get real interesting when Vince hires a French nanny for the poodle, then several mishaps occur to the sexy nanny and poodle.  Will Vince be able to resist the cute pup and falling in love with the nanny? 

THE WORLD IS TOO DARNED BIG by MaryJanice Davidson 

Dr. Ben Dyson is one sexy lab geek, and he’s just been informed that he sold some high-tech gadgets to bad guys pretending to be CIA.  Tara Marx may be gorgeous and intriguing, but she’s also a thief.  She’s just informed Ben he’s been duped by the bad guys, and he joins her in the hunt to reclaim what was wrongfully acquired from him.  What they don’t expect is the sizzling attraction that hits both of them.  Join Ben and Tara in their hilarious action-packed adventure!


ANYTHING YOU CAN DO… by Karen Kelley

Hot! Hot! Hot!  Ms. Kelley’s novella burns up the pages with sexy characters and erotic love scenes!  When Alex makes a promise to his sister that he won’t get involved with Kagen, he thinks it will be an easy one to keep.  That is until he ends up having to spend an entire week in her company.  Kagen makes no bones about it; she wants to have a hot and wild fling with her new roomie, but Alex can’t forget the promise he made to his sister.  Things get even tougher for the both of them when they make a bet:  who can outlast each other’s outrageous and erotic seductions?  Will Alex be able to resist the irresistible Kagen, or will he succumb to her tantalizing charms?


BAD BOYS WITH EXPENSIVE TOYS is one Brava anthology you don’t want to miss.  Authors Nancy Warren, MaryJanice Davidson & Karen Kelley bring you three drop-dead gorgeous heroes and three sultry heroines to make their match.  These are all creative and captivating stories that will set you on fire and keep you quickly turning the pages!

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