High Score
By Shayla
Mar 1, 2005 - 8:48:00 PM

Shelley Flynn is soon to be married to Dickie. They make a promise to each other. No intimacy until their wedding night. After reading two self help books, and watching a video Shelley tries to seduce Dickie. He turns her down, and proceeds to run from her home. Shelley is left with a need that she can't cure herself. She remembers the shop keeper, Thor, telling her that he could help teach her a few things. She decides to take him up on his offer not anticipating falling in love with him. But does he feel the same about her? She finds out Thor is leaving town to go on tour with the male strippers he manages. She decides to go ahead with the wedding. Wondering if Dickie and her nights will be as hot as her and Thor's were. Are they?

Ms Apple's HIGH SCORE is a scorcher. Not only did this story burn my fingers as I read it, but the story line and plot was a 'keep you on the edge of your seat page turner'. Are they going to take their affair all the way or are they going to leave it as a learning experience?  To find out you're just going to have to buy the book and find out for yourself.

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