Bad Boys in Black Tie

Author: Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, Morgan Leigh

Publisher: Kensington Brava

Release Date: May 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Pete Watson works at a sports center and lives in a condo right next door to Cassidy, one of his co-workers.  Pete is a comfort-loving guy who likes to hang out, have a few beers and date fussy, girly-girl women.  He enjoys his job but he's not the goal-oriented type and unlike his neighbor, he doesn't have his entire future mapped out.

Cassidy McClannahan has very specific goals.  She wants to own a sports center within the next few years, and eventually she plans to own a whole chain.  Cassidy keeps herself in shape, but other than that she's just not concerned about her appearance.  Makeup, fancy hairdos and dressy clothes are not for her.  But someday, she wants to marry a tall, dark handsome man.  A man who wears suits to work.  That's definitely not Pete!  Well, not the suits anyway.

Pete and Cassidy are good friends who enjoy hanging out with each other, but their relationship is strictly platonic.  Pete isn't Cassidy's type any more than she is Pete's.  So why are they suddenly changing their appearances to impress each other?  And why can't they stop imagining each other naked? 



CJ White is a tough, surly FBI agent who goes out of her way to discourage friendly overtures.  Her private life is her own and everyone else can just butt out.  Especially Wyatt Maddock!  CJ can't stand Wyatt.  Probably because she's so attracted to the guy, but if she has her way he's never going to find out about that.

Wyatt can't seem to get CJ off his mind.  He can't stop wondering what she's hiding underneath her baggy, shapeless clothes.  What's the deal with her attitude, anyway?  And why isn't CJ interested in him?  They're making each other miserable at work!  Then Wyatt comes up with a plan.  If CJ agrees to spend one night with him, he'll transfer to a different office and stay out of her life.  What does she have to lose?  Wyatt may be hot and look great in a tux, but CJ never expects to actually fall for him!


LAST CALL by Morgan Leigh

The first time Fletcher Graham sees Tess, he's sitting at the bar in The Last Call.  She's on stage singing and Fletch is captivated.  When their eyes meet across the crowded, smoky bar, they feel an instant connection.  Coop, the bartender and Fletch's best friend, warns him that for Fletcher, Tess is trouble. She doesn't know what Fletch does for a living and she won't be happy when she finds out.  Fletch isn't going to be too happy when he find out who Tess is, either.

Tess Braeden just moved to Justice to live in the house she inherited from her grandfather.  Trouble is, unless something happens soon she's going to lose the house to foreclosure.  She has a plan that will benefit the town and allow her to keep the house, but the mayor refuses to even meet with her.  Will she always be treated as an annoying outsider in Justice?

Things start to look up when she meets Fletch.  Not only is he sinfully sexy in his worn, greasy jeans, he's also actually interested in Tess and her plans.  Finally, someone is listening!  Then Tess discovers who Fletcher really is.  Will she understand the reasons for his deception?  Will she forgive him?


All three stories in BAD BOYS IN BLACK TIE are incredibly steamy, fun to read and often humorous.  Lori Foster brings back old friends from other books to embarrass Pete and Cassidy and entertain readers.  As always, love and family are emphasized and there's no shortage of steam.  Erin McCarthy turns up the heat with CJ and Wyatt.  Especially in a certain hot tub scene!  Morgan Leigh has created a hero who is equally sexy in jeans and a tool belt, a formal tux, or nothing at all.  Sure, he may have been deceptive in hiding his true job from Tess, but he has his reasons and more than redeems himself.  All three authors have created fantastic heroes who are irresistible in or out of black tie!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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