Bad Boys in Brooks Brothers
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 7, 2008 - 1:31:04 PM

Nikki Latimore grew up as an angry black girl in the projects of DC but she’s come a long way since then. She’s now the CEO and founder of an organization that creates educational opportunities for the local youth in Washington, D.C. While she presents herself as a business woman, she still has a thing for bad boys - and well-dressed businessmen don’t even remotely interest her.

Ashton Wentworth Allen III has all the trappings of a high profile political attorney. Wealthy, clean-cut and stuffy - he represents everything Nikki disdains in a man. He’s also white - definitely not her type. Ashton, however, has a huge crush on Nikki and he has for years. He’s stood by while she’s dated one stereotypical ‘bad boy’ after another and he’s tired of pretending to be a ‘gentleman’ it’s time to teach Nikki that he can be bad in all the good ways.

Nikki’s not exactly having a great time at the Woman’s League of Washington charity fund-raising event, but as a board member she’s duty bound to attend. The last thing she needs is Ashton’s overwhelming presence or his snide comments about how her ‘date’ for the evening disappeared with some little groupie. It’s really more than she should have to tolerate having Ashton rubbing her nose in her date’s fickleness. Irritated, she decides to indulge in a bit of wine - only the second glass she ends up spilling on herself. While trying to clean the stain from the dress Ashton catches her and assumes that she’s got a man in the room with her. Why else would she be taking off her clothes? What starts out as a verbal sparring soon turns heated and physical. Her comment that she does not ‘do good guys’ gets a rise out of him and he’s about to show her just how bad straight-laced, uptight pretty guys can be.

BAD BOYS IN BROOKS BROTHERS proves that you should never judge a man by the clothes he wears. Ashton’s appearance and Nikki’s assumptions create a real issue for them, but it was one that was quickly rectified once the Brooks Brothers started coming off. Nikki’s a little spitfire and it’s obvious that she requires action - not words to prove that bad boys come in all shapes and sizes as well as social classes.

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