Bad Boys to Go

Author: Janelle Denison, Lori Foster and Nancy Warren

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: November 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Print

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It has been two weeks and Gil Watson is still reeling from the shock of finding out that he has a two-year old daughter and that her mother is now dead. He only saw Shelly two or three times a year and they were just friends, except for that one weekend after his father died. Though she had been more than willing, he has never forgiven himself for the fact that he used her and he never touched her again. Now, Anabel Truman, Shelly’s roommate and the woman that he has always tried to avoid because she gets under his skin way too much, is bringing his baby to him.

Anabel is thrilled that Gil is finally going to get to meet Nicole. She has always known that he would make a great father and she tried so many times to convince Shelly to tell him about the baby, but she threatened to take Nicole and leave if Anabel ever told him. That was a risk that Anabel was not willing to take. She has raised Nicole from the minute Shelly brought her home and doesn’t plan on ever being separated from her. But, there are still things going on that Gil doesn’t know about and now she must also tell him that news. Fortunately, she has a solution that will benefit everyone involved. Now all she has to do is convince him of that. The thing that really snagged my attention in Lori Foster’s BRINGING UP BABY was the fact that Anabel is the free-spirited wild-child and Gil is staid and reserved, at least that’s how things appear to be. I loved watching Anabel make Gil squirm and, as is usually the case with children, Nicole stole the show. An amusing, sexy and fast paced story that left me wondering how much longer I have to wait for Pete’s story.


Photographer, Chayse Douglas wanted Adrian Wilde – to pose for her Outdoor Men Calendar. Adrian just wanted her to leave him alone because every encounter they had just made it harder for him to resist the sexual magnetism that seemed to literally pull them together. She had been there every time he turned around for four months trying every way in the world to talk him into posing for this ridiculous "beefcake" calendar. Sure it was for a great charity, the local Children’s Hospital, but he had good reasons for not wanting to pose and he’d be damned if he was going to explain those reasons to her or anybody else. She finally pushed him too far one night at a sports bar by daring him to show her how "wild" he really was. After letting her up from a very intense, heated kiss HE challenged HER to show him how daring she was by spending the weekend alone with him at his mountain cabin. That is the price for getting her pictures. Her first reaction is "no" for which he is extremely grateful, at least that’s what he tells himself. But when he arrives at the cabin the next day she is already there and, although furious, he resigns himself to holding up his end of their bargain. And is definitely looking forward to having her uphold her end.

THE WILDE ONE is about an honest relationship where both people want each other and they are not afraid to admit it and go after what they want. As Chayse discovers the scars that Adrian sports on the outside she is forced to admit that she also has scars, except hers on the inside where she can keep them hidden from the world. However Adrian decides that this connection they share is way too intense and powerful to let go of after the weekend and after Chayse is forced to literally see herself through his eyes she has no choice but to agree. The one thing that I have loved about ALL of the Wilde brothers is that while none of them were looking for love or a long-term commitment, they were all brave enough to openly embrace it when it found them. Now I just hope that there are a LOT of Wilde cousins out there waiting to come out of the woodwork.


Private investigator Gretchen Wiest has been hired by the divorce attorney of Mrs. Adam Stone to obtain proof that he is cheating on her. She follows him from the airport to a quiet, out-of-the-way inn where she intends to get pictures of him with his "floozy". However, Adam recognizes her from the airport and when she tries to get into his room he ties her up and demands to know what she is doing. Once she sees that she is not going to escape and that he does not believe any of her stories, she tells him the truth and that’s when she learns some very interesting news, Adam Stone is not married. He tells her that he is trying to get to a FBI office to turn in evidence against his employer. Of course she doesn’t believe him until they pull up outside her apartment and she catches a glimpse of a man inside and then finds out that her office building has burned overnight. Suddenly his story sounds a lot more believable than hers does and since the people who are after him are now also after her, she decides that Mr. Adam Stone is not getting out of her sight.

In GOING AFTER ADAM Nancy Warren takes what should be a very suspenseful and dangerous situation and turns it into a comedy adventure that had me chuckling through the entire story. A very original, sexy and fast paced story.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Missy Andrews

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