Bad Girl Bill (Atlantic Divide #2)
By Jo
Sep 4, 2013 - 12:19:25 AM

BAD GIRL BILL is a contemporary romance with a woman, Bill, who has grown up in a man's world and is a deputy sheriff to boot.  Always surrounded by her older brothers, her male cousins or her male coworkers she doesn't know how to be a woman in the true sense until Lydia and Kate's brother Michael comes for an extended visit and then the sparks start to fly.

Saxon's BAD GIRL BILL reintroduced us to characters we met in book one in the series, LOVING LYDIA, but has Bill front and center to the storyline.  She is nothing like I expected and as the layers keep getting peeled back I realize how vulnerable she is underneath that tough exterior but it is definitely fun getting to know her.  Michael also is aloof and has a hard as nails attitude due to his job in British Intelligence but Bill manages to get under his skin as no one else ever has before.  Watching them grow closer, then pull away while misreading each other's signals was sometimes sad and other times heartwarming.  Even their families didn't know what to make of them or where they were going and the warnings to steer clear were oftentimes amusing as well. There was oh so much family, adventures, scary moments on both their jobs, laughter, tears, angst, worry, romance and love.  The unexpected ending brought it all together and gave closure and I'm so glad it did.  I loved the cover and it showed Bill's edginess before I even opened the book.

BAD GIRL BILL held my interest just as book one in the series did.  I look forward to reading more books in this series especially since Bill has five older brothers always looking out for her and they all need their own book, don't they? 

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