Bad Girl Bridesmaids

Author: Susanna Carr

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: May 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Kelsey Morgan is the bridesmaid who does it all. She plans the party favors, finds missing shoes, and in general holds the wedding together. Well, she is sick of it. Her sorority sisters continually take her for granted and now she wants to take a stand against them. Her best friend suggests she finds a guy for this latest wedding so she can claim to be busy with other things. Enter Zack Cooper, gigolo…

Or not! When Zack’s godmother introduces him as her gigolo at the latest wedding she has dragged him to, he is appalled! Zack is not a gigolo but the very wealthy owner of a computer security corporation. However, when Kelsey offers to pay him to act as her date, Zack is very tempted. For a man who usually has women crawling all over him because of his wealth, Kelsey’s offer is pure decadence. But will their unusual beginning prove to be a hindrance to a happy future?


Laugh-out-loud funny and very tender, SERIAL BRIDESMAID ON THE LOOSE features two protagonists who both have some serious self-esteem issues. They clash, laugh and kiss their way to a most glorious union.



Tara Watkins runs a blog that chronicles her career as an event planner for weddings. Her blog started due to a one-night stand with the best man at a wedding she participated in and since then, Tara has let loose about her feelings regarding The Best Man and her general apathy towards all things wedding related. Her safe world is shaken up once again though when Luke Sullivan appears in her office one day. Why oh why did Luke’s brother and wife decide to renew their vows?


Luke Sullivan wants to do more than relive the fabulous night he shared with Tara. He wants to profess his love and affection for her. He also needs to tell her how he knows so much about her. Will his secret and her fear cause them to run from the love growing deeper between them?


Luke is surely the most sinful of best men ever created! His tenacity in winning Tara over is pure pleasure to read about. Tara needs a boost of confidence through much of this story but she still manages to have some fun with Luke by her side. THE BRIDESMAID’S DIARIES is the kind of story that explores the power of dreams and goals in a fun and unique setting.



Ever since Amber Hughes tried to stop a friend’s wedding, she has unkindly become known as the WEDDING WRECKER in her hometown of Acorn Grove. When Amber’s friend Madison invited her back to be a bridesmaid in Madison’s wedding, Amber was most reluctant, though she did agree. Amber cannot help hoping that if she is on her best behavior at this wedding, the town will forget about her one little transgression.


Town bad boy Josh Griffin has his eye on Amber. He is determined to make sure that this former good girl does not cause trouble for his friend’s wedding, but a part of him cannot help hoping Amber will cause some trouble. It may just give Josh the excuse he is looking for to show Amber how he feels about her.


Hijinks, wedding-bells, and romance fill the pages of this humorous caper. Josh and Amber are the kind of couple the whole town is secretly rooting for and all it takes is some unlikely events to throw them together. WEDDING WRECKER will charm you on every page!


BAD GIRL BRIDESMAIDS steams up the pages, offers some tears and some painful truths about weddings, but it also shows that romance and love should be (and in the case of this book, is!) at the heart of it all.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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