Bad Girls Do It Better, Volume 2: Stuck
By Shayla
Feb 15, 2006 - 10:20:00 AM

Kandy is in love with her roommate Ian, whom she has known since she was a small child. When her parents were killed when she was only fifteen, it was Ian who took her under his wing, and let her move in with him. He became her legal guardian until she turned eighteen. He wanted her to have a better life than what foster care could give her. She loves her music loud, and loves to party. Kandy is a wild young woman who knows what she wants. When she wants something that is out of reach she pushes all the boundaries, and grabs her goal. Now she wants Ian, and will stop at nothing to get him. With help from Ian’s ex-wife Alice, does Kandy succeed with her plan to win over Ian?

Ian loves Kandy but is afraid to instigate a relationship with her fearing that he could end up loosing his roommate and best friend. He sometimes feels as if he is the only adult in the house with the way she acts. One night Kandy comes home drunk, and seduces Ian. It’s a night Ian will never forget, but he can never let it happen again. Ian believes Kandy wants someone perfect, and he’s not that man. Kandy is too young for him, and after one failed marriage Ian isn’t willing to try marriage again, until Alice shows him how much he really needs Kandy in his life. Ian and Kandy will face many challenges; each has to learn to trust, and to believe in the power of love. Can Ian’s ex-wife help get Ian to let go, and ensure that these two see what’s right in front of their eyes before they end up doing something they will always regret?

STUCK is an amazing book. To watch the characters grow, and learn from past and present mistakes is enlightening. It shows how many of us hang onto the past, and don’t let go, but if we don’t let go, we take the chance of ruining something that could possibly be the best thing in our lives.

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