Bad Girls Do It Better: Volume 4 "The Wrong Woman"

Author: Mary Winter

Publisher: Venus Press

Release Date: March 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Annie has abandoned business suits and ledgers in favor of push up bras and short skirts and taken up tending bar at a local hot spot. Annie had been bored, stifled, and unhappy as an accountant. The atmosphere of the bar is exciting and fun. Annie can't decide which she likes more - the atmosphere of the bar or the ultra sexy bar owner, Ridge. Annie's under the impression that he'd be interested in a party girl so there's no way she'd let him know that beneath it all she's really a homebody.

Ridge is almost forty and he's ready to settle down. He's been attracted to Annie since she started working at his bar, Deep Whispers. Ridge is looking for a 'home and hearth' kind of girl and Annie's party girl clothing and chatter should be enough to kill any attraction he has for her, instead he's enchanted by her and wonders about the glimpses he keeps seeing of the more down-to-earth woman Annie's trying to keep hidden.

Ridge manages to resist his attraction to Annie until just before she walked out the door following her job performance review. He'd been so busy trying to convince himself that she's the WRONG WOMAN that it surprises both of them when they cave into their desires and end up kissing. Of course, they each then brush it off as inconsequential.

A full week later, Ridge's watches her as she finishes wiping down the bar and gets ready to leave. When he inquires about her plans for the evening, Annie slips up and drops the party girl persona for a moment and tells him that she'll be curling up with a good book. Once she's left for the night, Ridge spots her cell phone and knowing that no self respecting party girl would ever be without her cell phone decides to drop it by her house. After all, it gives him an excuse to satisfy his curiosity and finally get an answer to his burning question of whether she could possibly be the right woman.

THE WRONG WOMAN is a fun-filled tale with down-to-earth characters who are looking for the right person but going about it all wrong. As a homebody myself I can fully understand and appreciate Annie's need to break out of her routine. You can almost feel sorry for Ridge, he's all hot and bothered over Annie but can't figure out if she's the kind of woman he's looking for or not. Annie and Ridge are hot enough to spontaneously combust and they're great characters to envision. Mary Winter does a brilliant job pulling the reader into this story and keeping you hooked throughout the entire story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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