Bad Girls Don't

Author: Cathie Linz

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: November 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Skye Wright is a rebel who beats to her own drum.  She abhors authority and rebels against someone telling her what to do.  She eats healthy foods and believes yoga keeps her centered.  Until the day the sheriff unbalances her world.  She is shocked by the passionate flames that burn between them.  But Skye refuses to open her heart to another man.  She is afraid that Nathan will see the real Skye.  When she decides to open up the old theatre, she finds herself becoming the target of a vicious person.  Will Skye open her heart and soul and let Nathan’s love make her whole?  Or will past heartbreaks close her heart off to the only man who has captured it?

Nathan Thornton is an uptight Rock Creek Sheriff.  He has suffered a horrible loss that is slowly eating away at his heart and soul.  So he immerses himself in his work.  When he pulls over the towns’ wild child for speeding, he is completely enthralled with the beautiful woman in a revealing costume.  But he has vowed never to open his heart to another woman.  Only Skye has gotten under his skin and is cracking the ice wall he has built around his heart.  Will Nathan allow Skye’s love to heal his broken heart?  Or will he walk away from love to protect his heart?


Within the pages of BAD GIRLS DON’T, Ms. Linz proves again why she is a best-selling author.  BAD GIRLS DON’T is a sassy romp laced with humor and passion to warm your heart.  I laughed out loud at the witty bantering between Nathan and Skye.  I cried and screamed for these two characters to take a chance on love.  My heart soared when two opposites find a rare love.  Ms. Linz pens a charming tale with compelling characters, vivid imagery, and a captivating plot that will keep readers glued to their seats.  I did not put this book down until I finished the last word. 


Nathan and Skye are very unique characters with wonderful qualities.  Skye is a rebel after my own heart.  I love her sassiness and willingness to do and say as she pleases.  Nathan captured my heart for being sexy, witty and compassionate.  The secondary characters captured my heart as well.  I just had to read more about them to find out how they fit into the plot.  BAD GIRLS DON’T is a must read and I anxiously wait for more of Ms. Linz’s charming tales.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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