Bad Heiress Day
By Sherri Myers
Jan 1, 2005 - 11:42:00 AM

Darcy Nightengale is a mom, a wife and a daughter. After caring for her father until his passing, she finally comes up for a breath of air and discovers her life has been on hold throughout his long illness. When the will is read, Darcy discovers her father has been keeping a secret from everyone--he was quite wealthy. She is informed she is to inherit his whole estate--and then is told, according to her father's wishes, she is requested to give it all away!

Jack, Darcy's husband, can think of all kinds of ways to spend their sudden windfall. Their son needs money for school, their refrigerator is about ready for the junk pile, and of course, they could always use a new car instead of the old rust bucket they currently drive. When he hears Darcy's decision about the money, Jack is less than enthusiastic. Can Darcy get Jack to jump aboard and agree with her idea, or will he insist on riding the gravy train instead?

Allie Pleiter is a new author for me, and what a refreshing voice she is! She will have you laughing to yourself shortly after having just read something sad, and there are sad parts and happy parts abounding in BAD HEIRESS DAY. Poor exhausted Darcy feels like a walking zombie after caring for her dying father and just wants to return to a somewhat normal life, only to be told she has just inherited 1.2 million dollars from her now-deceased parent. Torn between complying with her father's wishes and spending the money on much-needed family expenditures, Darcy looks to her friends, Kate and Glynnis, for help. What they finally come up with to solve the 'problem' may be a surprise, but is just like Darcy to think of. When she stops trying to solve things on her own and allows God to have His say, everything begins to fall into place. I enjoyed reading this novel and look forward to checking out other books by this author.

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