Bad in Boots: Colt's Choice
By Phyllis Ingram
Dec 1, 2004 - 1:34:00 PM

Elise Hamilton inherited half of the Lonestar Ranch from Aunt Marie and intends to help run it.  Elise is from Northern Virginia-an elitist society type, and her father has plenty of old money, which he threatens quite often to disinherit her.  She has degrees in business and in computer science and her father was expecting her to come to work for Hamilton Enterprises, Inc.  She definitely does not do what daddy wants, and she has no intention of returning to Virginia.

Colt had his attorney draft papers for Ms. Hamilton to sign to sell her half of the ranch but she has shown up in Texas and tells Colt she plans to keep her half of the ranch. This floors Colt . He decides to show her around the ranch by giving her work to do, the work of three ranch hands. Elise jumps right in and helps without complaining and Colt is also shocked that she can ride a horse with the best of them. Elise is definitely an independent woman.

Colt had been a reigning rodeo champion in calf roping and saddle bronco riding but Colt now is thirty-five and has worked the ranch since he was twenty, when his father passed away.  His mother had deserted the family when Colt was only sixteen. Colt has only felt contempt for women because his mother deserted the family. He has never forgiven her.

Colt is the 'boss' but can step in and do anything and everything to get the job done for his ranch. What makes this elitist society type woman think she can come in and run HIS ranch just because it was given to her? He'll show her. When Elise shows Colt she can be helpful by redesigning their website to help increase sales, Colt is at first hesitant but then agrees.  Elise feels that she is 'in'.  But is she? Is she playing with fire?  Will she get burned?

BAD IN BOOTS: HARMS' HUNGER with the 'elevator scene' had so many people talking; Patrice Michelle will have more people talking about BAD IN BOOTS: COLT'S CHOICE and the scene in Rockin' Joe's Tavern along with many others. From the suggestive drinks to sitting at the table - Miss Michelle certainly gets your heart to pounding - hard.  I certainly hope she writes about the foreman Rick, and the brother Mace or even about Cade, the elusive brother.  Any one of them should get hooked up with Elise's photographer friend Alex, another independent woman.

I certainly look forward to reading the Hearts are Wild anthology coming out in a few weeks, BAD IN BOOTS: BOOK III, HEARTS ARE WILD: HEARTS AFIRE.  Patrice has enough wonderful cowboys to make this a continuing series, and I hope she does.  You don't find many writers that can make you want to live the story, but Patrice makes me want to go back to Texas . This book is a scorcher. I had to have a crushed ice sassafras tea to cool down.  Keep 'em coming, Patrice. I love them cowboys.

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